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    Hey all,

    I just received my Treo 600 in the mail (CDMA for Sprint)…I’m so excited, and just got the 2 free months of Vision service…but I don’t know anything about the treo or its utilities…

    Like I said, I have the CDMA version, and I have a 128 mb SD card, so storage shouldn’t be a problem.

    I want to be able to browse the web, go on AIM instant messenger, get some ringers, games, some cool utilities, check my email (IMAP accounts), and just get the most out of my Treo.

    What do I need? Where do I start? Where do I go?

    I’ve browsed these forums, and it looks as though everyone here is friendly and knowledgeable…care to share your ideas with me?

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    Before you get anything, get a backup program. I recommend Backup Man. As you start filling up your Treo with important data, you will want to backup before you go and start installing software.
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    Once you have taken care of backing up, you need to get a couple of what I think are essentials.
    Launcher X
    Bob's Alarm Clock
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    you'll find lots of interesting things out there.

    you'll be amazed at the development rate of Palm / Treo apps out there - invest the time in surfing a few of these discussion threads every couple of days - i guarantee you'll find a bunch of new and cool stuff right away, then after you "saturate" you'll continue to find at least one new thing a week.
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    Check out this thread:

    I agree 100% get "Backupman" or another backup program. I have only had to do a Restore a couple of times, but it saved me a bunch of stress and double reseach trying to find the programs again as well as saving the settings that I had.

    I also recommend "Colorize" or some sort of program to change the colors of your unit, I did not like the boring standard colors at all.

    You will find a vast amount of suggestions and links in the above thread.
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    I am sure that Lee would also be interested in utilizing the side buttons. And I am! Any ideas? What works the best?
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    Here's one that is referenced quite a bit (FWIW - I don't use it or anything like it...)

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