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    Just off the phone with Cliff Morris and General Sales Rep in Dallas Texas. He was most helpful in sending me out a Treo 600 overnighted. The price was 499.00 and he says there are some more still in stock.

    His contact info is as follows
    Cliff Morris
    Work - 214-523-4278

    I finally got to someone after threating to cancel my contract and to go elsewhere with my money. The nice young lady in retentions forwarded my info to her supervisor and she therefore put it into play in her web of influence. I got a call about 3:15pm EST and by 3:40pm EST I had the phone ordered. He is going to send me my tracking number later today and I should have it by tommorow and Monday at the latest.

    Hope this helps all you Treo 600 wanters!!!!
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    Cliff said this is for new activations only, and as of about 6pm EST they have about 80 left in stock.

    Unfortunately I am not a new activation. :-(
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    I am an exsisting customer been with them for a lil over 4.5yrs and just got it after making a call and they got me up to him. Keep trying he said to send him referrals and such, so I did.
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    How long of a contract do you have to agree to for the 500 dollar price ?
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    1 year
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    Ok all, just passed a few emails back and forth with Cliff and here is a section of it since the rest pertains to my order of the Treo 600 with information I don't want any of you to have

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Passing that information along would be great. You can also make it known I have some good offers and special deals that can be passed onto the customer. They will be able to contact me via phone or email. My contact information is as follows, (214) 523-4278 office and is my email.

    Hope this helps all of you in getting the Treo 600 or phone of your choice that Tmobile is offering. If you have any questions please let me know I am more than willing to help with information. I am not a huge part of this forum but do like to give information and headups to cool stuff like this. I hope this redems myself with not finding out 100% of the information needed for the rest of you to get the Treo 600!!!

    Jay (Ainvar)
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    Does anyone know if the T6's that are coming from the T-mobile for business route are unlocked?

    Thanks for the information.
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    Beo they are locked. I am not able to change my network settings on it.
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    Just got off the phone with Cliff and man what a nice guy! He told me that the stock of 80 referred to above are gone (gee, what a surpise there!) but to still call him and he can still help get one in your hands. I'm now 'in the queue' and waiting.... but having already waited two+ months it's not so tough

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    I just got my new Treo 600 from Cliff. He's the real deal. I just cancelled my HS order.

    Pfft... who knows when 'Early March' will ever come.

    btw, Cliff stated that they are sim locked, so I will be calling my friendly T-mobile CSR very soon to get them unlocked.

    Merry Xmas everybody!

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