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    Hello all,

    I don't know much about how cell phones work, but seems many of you guys are very much up to date and might be able to answer my questions.

    Cingular has me locked into their service for another 2 years and 2 months (don't ask why lol). I hate Cingular's cust service, but as far as signal strenght I seem to like them much better that some of the other competitors. Now that I have my Treo 600 I find myself wanting to browse the web, specially now that I have PDANet. The problem I have is that with Cingular it is WAYYYYYYYYYYYY when it comes to data calls.

    T-Mobile is offering unlimited access to the internet for $29.95 per month with no calling plan attached, and I am planning on getting that service from them.

    So here is the problem. I will have two SIM cards, and when ever I want to use voice I will have to put in my cingular one in, and when I want to do data calls I will have to put in my T-mobile SIM card. It will be a pain in my ****! especially since I will lose the ability to surf the net, and receive calls at the same time.

    What I would like to do, is find out if there is a way to combine both SIM cards into ONE, or maybe change the settings of the GPRS to log into T-mobiles system and not Cingulars. So would this be possible? To be able to connect to Cingluar for my voice calls, and at the same time connect to T-mobile for GPRS without being billed by Cingular?

    Well any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    That would a feat incredible!

    Basically, I know that technologies like R-UIM exist today to allow exactly what you're describing (dynamic automatic subscriber network switching), but AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $none$ $of$ $the$ $major$ $wireless$ $carriers$ $have$ $adopted$ $the$ $technology$ $for$ $obvious$ $business$ $rationales$... $I$ $think$ $you$'$ll$ $have$ $to$ $wait$ $a$ $while$ $before$ $you$ $see$ $this$ $implemented$ $widely$...
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    How about this Cingular the $150 early termination fee, go to T-Mo and get one of their high minute, low cost voice plans. Then add unlimited T-Zones data for $4.99 /month. Since Cingular's GSM network is substantially less than T-Mo, and there is a roaming agreement between thw two, your coverage area should increase from where you are today.

    Now for cost justification...T-Mo gives you more minutes for less...You can use your existing Treo 600 on T-Mo. The difference between $4.99 and $29.99 /mo will pay for your early termination fee in 6 months.

    I currently use a Cingular Treo 600 with T-Mo, and it just rocks....service, hardware, data, all of it.

    Good Luck .....
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    There is a solution to this posted on another thread. It is a small plastic 2 chip holder, the size of a SIM card, in which two SIM chips will fit.. The idea is that you remove the chips from the cards and place them both in the one card (hope that makes sense) Anyway, search the threads, the plastic chip holder was only about $10.
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    This is the closest thing available right now:

    1. There's isn't one compatible with the Treo 600's SIM slot yet.
    2. You have to power wireless mode on & off to toggle between the 2 SIMs,
    ie. power on -> SIM1 -> power off -> power on -> SIM2
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    I suppose you guys know that the Treo 600 supports a feature called ALS where you can have two numbers assigned to the one SIM. This is used in some parts of the world such as the UK. You can have one number for work and another for personal use, for example. Pretty cool. You see a number on screen teling you which line is calling and you answer appropriately - Hello Bobs Painthshop or Hey dawg!

    This wont help the original poster though 'cos both numbers are on the same network by definition for ALS. Powertel in Florida used to offer ALS. I wonder does T-Mobile still offer it since they swallowed Powertels network?
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    Hi all,
    exist a way to put a dual (you could have in your treo maximum 10 virtual sim with 10 number).
    Try to search on the web SIMEMU 6.01
    It is a software to emulate a sim card that have to be write o a SILVER or GREEN CARD, then you have to put some data related to your original sim with it.
    IMPORTANT, the procedure for some country law is allowed only for a personal use. THE COMMERCIAL USE IS ILLEGAL!!!
    Try to look it, actually I'm using a card like this....easy and usefull!!

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