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    I installed the realplayer for tungsten and it now works on my treo. They don't list it in the drop down list but thefeb 5 disclaimer is gone so I thought I would try it.
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    I tried it without success. Still get the same application errors as before. Exactly which Tungsten version did you download, I tried "T".
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    don't remember which. it was the first in the list. then I downloaded the second and it worked too. try that one. I know it works with the D pad for volume and moving between songs.

    hope it works for you too. seems to use less system resources than pTunes
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    Tungsten T3 worked for me. Second on the list.
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    Originally posted by dutchtrumpet
    seems to use less system resources than pTunes
    Could you please clarify what you mean by that? Personally I don't see any need to install Real player and would like to know if there are any advantages. They're both free (ptunes via registration) and thus don't see the purpose of using an app that isn't yet officially supported on the Treo600...
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    other programs run faster while the player runs in the bacckground.
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    Tried three different ones (I deleted instances of each previous installation and cleaned up prior to doing new installation) luck.....same error messages each and every time:

    "System Incompatible, The system is missing features required to run this application, or the system support is out of date."

    You guys are using the Treo 600 w/ Update?

    I think I'm going to leave this one alone until they specifically say they support it. I seem to be without the "magic pill" for this one.
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    yesterday i rec the same message system error and could not get it working. today i just downloaded the t-3 version and it is working great

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    yep...t3 works! here's a link


    now if they can only implement the internet streaming part of it we'd be good to go.

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    I got that link to runs just fine. But, I dont think that is the right version, since it does not do streaming.
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    I've never seen Real indicate that they were supporting streaming for the Treo 600. It's been speculated that it would be there, but it would require significant new code in their app, since it would need to deal with network communications. The only things that needed to be updated for Real Player 1.5 to work on the Treo 600, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $was$ $the$ $support$ $for$ $low$-$res$ $screens$.
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    Originally posted by ProDucer
    I got that link to runs just fine. But, I dont think that is the right version, since it does not do streaming.
    posted off the real mobile site


    You can only play back audio files on SD audio cards. Playing back files from internal memory is not supported

    At this time, only local playback is enabled. You can not "stream" content over an Internet connection

    If you have an SD card reader, or a Palm application which allows direct access to the SD Card, you can transfer files manually to the device. Files are detected in the following directories only:
    Root directory (\)
    Subdirectories supported: SD_Audio, RN_Audio, AUDIO

    Songs sound best when encoded at higher bitrates. RealAudio files sound good at 64kbps or higher. Mp3's may sound "watery" or distorted at bitrates less than 128kbps

    Some Tungsten T Palm models need a patch for full CD quality sound. This patch is usually installed by default when you install your RealPlayer for Palm. If sound is very "rolled-off" with little treble, you may need to re-install this patch. Contact Palm for more information or go to to see the latest updates.

    You can fit more songs on your SD card by choosing "configure" -> "always convert tracks" from the Palm plug-in for your desktop PC. The files will be smaller but sound quality may be affected
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    I finally got the thing installed SUCKS! I really wanted *streaming* video and audio. C'mon REAL, I don't need another MP3 player. I would have been somewhat content with video playback, but I can't even play real video of my SD card. WTF?

    REAL must have the worst programmers! I'd be fired at my job (yes, I'm a programmer) if I provided some half baked product like this (and past deadline too).

    BTW, thanks for the correct link, it appears I was previously downloading an incorrect version of Real Player (whoever may want this POS make sure you get v1.5+).

    Now, where was I.....hmmmm......oh yea......DELETE!
    If you understand, things are just as they are. If you do not understand, things are just as they are.

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    the nice thing about real player is that it is very simple to transfer mp3s to your treo it is a lot easier then from pocettunes. you can purchase a song from the music store for .99 and transfer it right to the t6.

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    well, that's cool? But its not streaming. Read the bottom of the page when selecting the type of device you have. it mentions streaming! So.......lets wait for the Treo version. It should play mP3s as well as streaming audio. They should be able to that.
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    I'm on Cingular and will not ever be streaming, not at the price of my GPRS data.

    But what I did need was something to play my purchased, downloaded music.

    Since pocket-mm-aero-whoever will not take a crack at playing AAC or WMA, I for one am thankful that Real finally released the player for T600. Great free program, streaming or not.
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    I'm with ProDucer and kaffeen on this one. Playing RA-encoded streams is the only reason I have for installing another media player, and RealOne is the only player poised to do this. There are a couple of sites I go to that have fantastic lectures in RA format only. If Real can't provide this functionality, then my interest in RealOne is nil.
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    it is working on my treo 600, I like pocket tunes alot better though.
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    Does it play wma files?
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    After waiting a long time for the Treo 600 specific version of Real Player, I downloaded the one for Palm t3 and it does work. I did finally figure out that if I've got it on the silent RINGER switch, I get no sound. Moving it to non-silent mode, gets me sound.

    I don't want the Treo just blaring out Sarah McLahlan though, I want to listen through the earpiece that came with the Treo. The real player doesn't seem able to figure that out.

    Maybe that's another reason to wait for the Treo specific version.

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