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    I'm not sure if this has already been discussed. I installed lightwav and was able to make my own wav file and store it in RAM. its about 20 sec long. When I get a call the wav file plays as the ringer, but if the person hangs up right away the ringer plays until the end. I tried calling myself and hung up after about 2 sec after the phone started ringing. Sure enough the ringtone kept playing till the end.

    The other problem I encoutered is that you can't quickly silence the ringtone by pressing any buttons while its ringing.

    I should've tested the demo first before buying it.
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    As I understand, the problem is the wav doesn't know when to quit.

    I think the developer knows this and is working on it, as it has been mentioned before.

    Untill there is a fix you can use the workaround: when you want to silene the ringer, just hit the 0 (zero button) now you get the popup saying something. just hit the centerbutton and you're back in the call-screen and ca choose between answer and ignore.

    Good luck!

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