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    Just thought I'd post this as an incredibly cool application of the Treo 600.

    The SCO vs. IBM lawsuit, which is widely regarded as threatening to the future of Linux, has been deeply analyzed and discussed by the community of pro-Linux folks on the blog Groklaw ( There's a discussion IRC channel associated with Groklaw at #groklaw. Groklaw has evolved into a pretty serious community effort to help with the legal research and historical timelines that will protect Linux against lawsuits of this type.

    Today (Feb 6) is the date of the second preliminary hearing in the lawsuit. It has been awaited eagerly by the Groklaw community. One blogger took his Treo 600 into the courtroom, and (using upIRC, a Palm IRC client) posted a running live commentary on the trial to #groklaw!

    No recording devices or cameras are allowed in the courtroom, and you certainly can't talk on the phone. But thumb-typing into your Treo 600 to communicate with the whole world is perfectly OK!

    in case you're wondering, the hearing is still going on as I write this. IBM's lawyers are arguing to the judge why SCO's responses to their requests for discovery were inadequate. Dunno what the result will be yet, but I'm sure I'll know before anybody even leaves the courtroom!

    Bill Gribble
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    That Treo user better keep a low profile. Don't know of any courtroom where you can bring in a camera, even the camera in a phone or pda.
    Treo 750 and iPhone.
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    kind of reminds me of when I broke the news on the 600, posting via my 300 to the mobile TreoCentral site, while at a Sprint forum thing here in Dallas.
    Being able to discretely and instantly post news like that will change how information spreads, which is a cool thing, I think.

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