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    After downloading a song onto the desktop from an audio do you turn the format into mp3 (which the treo understands) from wma (windows media audio) format, which the treo does not understand??
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    if you ultimately want to play a song from your treo, you should rip it into mp3 format from the audio cd instead of wma in the first place. itunes will do this for free.
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    got it...thanks a lot.
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    Use DBPowerAMP. It can convert wma directly into mp3 etc w/o having to rip a cd...
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    I found DBPowerAMP a few months ago while reformatting my computer and trying to set up my sound card only for my system to tell me my sound blaster card didn't exist! Thus, I could not install the SBlaster apps that came with my card which allowed me to rip to mp3.

    DBPowerAMP is truly an impressive program (and free, as far as I can recall). The nice feature about it is for those of you that have PocketTunesDeluxe you can play .ogg files on it, which are typically 1/2-1/3rd the size of your mp3s, thus enabling you to have more music on your SD card.

    I have converted a few mp3s and wmas to .ogg, which in a lot of people's cases is a no no (since mp3s and wmas already "lose" data and sound quality due to compression, losing even *more* sound quality isn't optimal)...however, i have found that since the treo 600 isn't a fantastic output of sound, to me at least the sound loss is minimal. Now, I convert to either 92 or 128 variable bit rate .OGG, 92 is more for the classical music that doesn't have drums or bass in the back, 128 is for the bass etc. I have found it to be superior and a MUST HAVE for anyone who uses PocketTunesDeluxe and wants to include more tracks on their SD card. most of my mp3s were ripped at 192 kbit (normal 4-5 minute song is 6-7 megs) and with the conversion to variable 92-128kbit it brought the song down to roughly 2 megs. (there are other options as well, with DBPowerAMP, variable average or constant bitrate when converting to OGG) I think it's an excellent program and while I wouldn't rip all my tunes this way, 128 average ogg bitrate was good enough for me to think I had a decent player.

    just adding my 2cents

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