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    Thanks for the input. I'm really not the type to get into shaving and soldering, so that's out.

    The other thread you referred me to was WAY W A Y above my head, but what I think I managed to understand is that even if I buy the $6 adapter from Treocentral or the $10 adapter from Handspring (which are the same?) that I may be able to use it with headphones but possibly not with the cassette adapter in my car??? Maybe if I would have cared more about high school physics instead of flirting with a guy who let me copy his homework I would have understood some of that stuff about impedence and ground loops and potentiometers. turns out you really do "need to know that in real life."

    Thank you.
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    As far as I know the 2.5mm jack is a fourway connector;
    ground, left, right and call pickup.

    Anyone has the correct pinout? I did solder my own adapter for the moment
    using plugs I belive they would sell in 'Radio Shack' type shops, but went for the 4 way 2.5mm jack as I did not want to short-circuit anything.

    Greets, Frans

    PS anyone have any experience with the adapter treocentral is selling?

    ;palmOne Treo Headphone Adapter - $5.95

    Just ordered 3 of them, but still waiting for them to arrive.
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    I went to the Palm Cafe kiosk in my local shopping mall and they sold me the official adapter for $6. Just a bit of sales tax, no shipping fees. Problem solved at minimal cost.
    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by silky_green
    Has anyone had any experience with the headphone adapter? Is there an alternative to having to buy the adpater? Perhaps a headphone that works directly with the existing jack? And maybe also can work as a headset?

    Hi silky_green,

    We offer a 2.5mm version of our JAVOeBuds retractable stereo headphones which would directly fit and work with your Treo's 2.5mm jack without an adapter. Please feel free to visit the link below for more information and ordering.

    Thanks for your time!

    - Alan from JAVOedge
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    Seidio also just released a retractable version of their 2-in-1 handsfree devices. I'll be getting mine of Wednesday and I'll post a review.
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