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    I hope such announcement aren't off-topic for this forum.

    We (ArsLexis) have just released a beta version of iNoah - a Treo-optimized, wireless English dictionary and are looking for people to, well, beta test it.

    iNoah requires Palm device with internet connection in order to work and we optimized it for Treo 600 (I'm so in love with this device).

    The biggest advantage of iNoah is that it gives access to a very big dictionary (140 thousand words) and only uses 79 kB of memory. It also has many other wonderful features and you can read about them on our website (

    The application during beta period is free and beta is open to everyone. It can be downloaded from here: Here ( is a quick tour that demonstrates iNoah's main features.

    We're counting on your suggestions on how we could further improve iNoah to be the best application of its kind. If you have any comments or problems please write to support at or me personally.


    Krzysztof Kowalczyk


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    It's cool. I like the interactive nature of your application. However, you need to add some support for the treo 600's 5-way d-pad.
    Other than that, it's quick, it's easy on the eyes and it's user-friendly!
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    I love it!

    It's excatly what I was looking for in a dictionary app.


    And it works fine on my 5-way pad
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    Nice work, ArsLexis. This is a great simple-to-use dictionary for the T600 and it's pretty fast. I like the cool feature where you can double tap any word from the definition and it'll bring up the definition of that word. Below are the issues I've encountered and some suggestions...

    Issues encountered:

    1) After my first attempt in looking up a word, it caused my T600 to soft reset. Only happened once so far.

    2) I don't see the pronounciations.


    1) When user looks up a word that is spelled incorrectly, the following message comes up:
    "Definition of word 'xxxxxxxx' has not been found."
    Can you also include possible correct spelling choices? (like how MS Word does it?)

    2) How about displaying "Antonyms?"

    3) Maybe on the main screen, you can have two options to select:
    --- 1) Dictionary (use to look up definitions and pronounciations)
    --- 2) Thesaurus (use to look up synonyms and antonyms)
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    TR30 said it all. Mine has crashed a little less than 50% of the time when I looked up a word. The navigation with the 5 way is a MUST. No pronunciations on my end either.
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    First, some feedback:

    It'd be cool if synonyms, antonyms, and any other bolded words were hyperlinks and tapping them (or navigating to them via 5-way) looked up those words.

    I experienced a soft-reset after looking up a word.

    It isn't readily apparent that the center button initiates a lookup because the 'go' button isn't highlighted with the blue outline.

    My prefs are set to show pronunciation, but none shows up.

    And a question: once this is released, how (and how much) will you charge for it?

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    This looks like it could be a great app, but EVERY time I try to look up a word my phone resets. Since others got it to work, I have to assume a software conflict with another application. Oh well.

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    WOW! Very nice concept. KJK, I know its still in beta, but do you have an idea of how much this will cost in the future. I know there are other options like Merriam Webster online that are free...

    Edit: Well after downloading the iNoah prc and trying it out, it just causes the Treo every time. I tried several different searches, it tries to make a connection with the server and then just crashes! Thus I really wasn't even abe to look anything up! Oh well...
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    Well - the idea is great .. just yesterday I was fumbling around the web trying to get to Webster's/// soft resets EVERY time I try to enter a word..."resolving .." the soft reset...deleted and may try again some other time..
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    Originally posted by lefish
    And a question: once this is released, how (and how much) will you charge for it?

    I noticed iNoah is labeled as "Freeware" on the PalmGear site. Let's hope it stays that way.

    BTW, where is kjk? Have any of you heard back from kjk or ArsLexis regarding the soft resets many of you guys have been encountering? I've only had mines soft reset once, which only happened when I looked up a word for the very first time. Since then, it's been pretty stable.

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