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    Dear All,

    I received my Treo 600 connected to the ORANGE (UK) network yesterday. When using the Speakerphone I encounter a problem with an 'echo' being heard by the person on the other end of the line whether it be a landline, a mobile or another Treo.

    My brother also received his new Treo 600 yesterday as we both ordered together and he also has the same problem with his handset.

    There are no 'echo' problems when I use the phone without the Speakerphone as normal.

    I would appreciate any advice before I contact Orange (UK).

    With thanks,

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    I had the T300 for one year and the whole time people would complain about the echo on didn't stop when i upgraded to the T600. I could be wrong, but i think it can't be corrected, that's just the way it is.
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    Thanks Dave9322,

    I had a quick look on Handsprings Website and there was a FAQ about this problem. It gives reasons from the way the handset is held to network problems and even 'solar flashes'

    Anyway, I gave Orange (UK) a call just now who intially couldn't find my handset? They then found it and said it was listed as a 'PalOne Treo 600'

    Orange (UK) told me that they had been suffering Network problems sind yesterday evening and my problems could be as a result of this, and that the Network problems in my area should be OK at 9:20pm tonight.

    I've only had the handset for a day and a half, I hope this isn't an 'omen' for things to come.

    I would be grateful for any advice/comments from anyone, particularly on ORANGE (UK), who has had these problems.

    Thanks again.

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    i have had a treo 600 unlocked which i use on tmobile gsm
    for about 2 months.

    since day one i have had complaints of an "echo" when i use the speaker phone

    even an unofficial upgrade to firmware 2.08 did not help

    the only bright side is i enjoy using the speaker phone when talking to someone, such as middle manager, that i have no desire to talk to. times like this the "echo" problem is no longer a problem

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