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    Is the formfit aligator case worth the money??? I saw the case at this site for like 15 bucks, but don't know if its the right one i'm looking for. it looks sort of plain. I'm also looking at krussell cases, but they are more expensive. Someone please give me advice on which case would work better for someone more active.

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    there's lots of other posts / reviews on the krusell case so look around the site. I have both Handspring and Krusell form fit cases. I haven't used the HS case for longer than 1 day which tells you everything you need to know about that case. The Krusell case is better made, slimmer, nicer quality but suffers in the same way ie very difficult to use with the stylus as the cover is quite thick. I've cut mine off and it's much better but the case loses a small bit of tightness.

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