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    Anyone know of a good location to find treo/mac compatible software such as exercise planners, recipe organizers, etc. etc.

    Perhaps a forum or a site dedicated to palm/mac heads
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    I don't think you are going to find much, if what you are looking for is Treo/Palm applications with companion applications. In fact, I cannot think of a single one except perhaps Documents to Go.

    I'm a Mac user myself, and have been using a Treo since the 300 was released.
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    SplashPhoto and SplashID have desktop components that work in OS X, if that helps.
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    Here are some of the apps I use that come with a Mac OS X desktop app:

    The Missing Sync for Palm OS 2.0.1

    Some nice stuff like Desktop Mounting on Mac OS X which lets you transfer files (like Word, Excel and PowerPoint) way faster than a HotSync operation. Also an iTunes plug-in plus AeroPlayer MP3 Player along with an iPhoto plug-in plus SplashPhoto Image Viewer.

    FileMaker Mobile 2.1

    Syncs information between your Treo and local FileMaker Pro 5.5 and 6 databases. Love it.

    Shadow Planner

    Excellent outliner/planner/organizer/whatever. Has a rudimentary desktop app for Mac OS X but the developer is working with the OmniGroup to make OmniOutliner link with Shadow Planner. Incidentally, OmniOutliner has one of the best interfaces I have ever seen. This in conjunction with one of the best apps ever for the Treo should make this totally rock. I encourage you to e-mail OmniGroup to expedite the process.


    Posting this here because if you currently want to use Outliner with ShadowPlanner, you can with some extra steps and a couple of scripts from:

    QueueSoft applications and conduits

    A bunch of different conduits and apps that might be worth checking out. Haven't actually tried these on my Treo 600 yet but I used to use Queue Sync on my Treo 180 to transfer Microsoft Office Excel documents to MobileDB documents for the phone but I am pretty sure Microsoft put the kibosh on that last year. On the other hand, you can probably now use Microsoft’s version if you want.


    There are others like:

    Time Courier 1.0 for Mac OS X

    Automatically sets the time on your handheld to match the time on your Mac with each Hot Sync operation (and your Mac can of course use a network time server to sync with an Atomic Clock via System Preferences). I will be trying this weekend.

    Mail Courier 1.1 for Mac OS X

    Synchronize your emails between Entourage v.X and Palm Mail.

    LipSync 2.0

    Sync Contacts, Calendars, and ToDo's between Lotus Notes, Apple iCal, the MacOS X Address Book, Apple iPod, PalmOS PDA's, cell phones…

    Do not know much about this as I do not use Lotus notes but I figured I would post it here since I was aware of it.

    HanDBase Conduit for FileMaker Pro

    I haven’t tried HanDBase because I use the FileMaker application and conduit, but maybe this would be better for others here.


    The following description is from their site:

    “offline Web and e-book viewer for Palm OS® based handheld devices and PDAs and comes with Unix, Linux Windows and Mac OSX tools, scripts, and conduits that let you decide exactly what part of the World Wide Web you'd like to download onto your PDA (as long as they're in standard HTML or text format). These web pages are then processed, compressed, and transferred to the PDA for viewing by the Plucker viewer.

    Plucker supports many features, including clickable images (pan and zoom), italic, narrow, and HiRes fonts, multiple concurrent databases, configurable display parameters and stylus options (gestures and hardware button navigation.”

    Haven’t loaded this yet but I will be for sure (just ran across it last week). You can do things like download the entire Celiac Recipe Database and even add to it.
    This app is more powerful and useful than the description reveals. It even comes with a distiller so you can essentially put anything on there that you want.

    Palm Reader Pro for eBooks

    Mac OS X and Palm app for reading those ebooks – Treo or Mac OS X.
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    Crap! Almost forgot another big one that I use (only sometimes at this point, purely out of fascination).


    In conjunction with PalmVNC of course.
    With OSXvnc, who cares if there is a desktop mated app for the Palm program if everything is available to you anyway through PalmVNC.
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    you aren't overlooking Apple own stuff are you?

    iCal, Address Book sync through iSync perfectly.

    I have found Apple's iCal and Address Book to be stellar apps.
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    Try Agendus. It will sync with Entourage (you need a free plugin from Microsoft). It feels just like Entourage on the Treo/Palm with Calendar, Contacts, Alarms etc.
    Also, Palm Reader for Mac desktop allows you to read palm books on the Mac.
    Kinoma Director and player allows you to convert movies on the Mac anbd then play on the treo.
    Wordsmith will read MS Word files saved as rft and syncs with the desktop.
    Splash ID, SplashPhoto work fine with the Mac desktop versions.
    FileMaker Pro has Mac and Palm syncing versions.

    Don't let anyone tell you different, there are loads of Mac programs that integrate with Palm and Treo. And they do it with fun and enjoyment - same can't be said for Windoze (ZZZZZZZ, sorry I dropped off) programs.

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    In other words, it's pretty much EVERYTHING that's available out there! I have a good number of apps in my Treo 600 and I never have to wonder if it is Mac compatible or not.
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    As a side note - does anyone know how to sync stickybrain notes with my Treo?
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    Originally posted by chrispawling
    As a side note - does anyone know how to sync stickybrain notes with my Treo?
    your post prompted an email to Chronos, I encourage you to do the same...this would be cool.
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    Well, based on some of the sarcastic comments, I think there was a disconnect here. I use/have used iSync, Filemaker, the Entourage conduit, etc.. I didn't mention them here, because that's not what he asked.

    He asked about exercise planners, recipe organizers, etc.. You know, Palm applications that have a desktop equivalent, not conduits for contact management or desktop sync software.
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    I think his "etc" must have been seen as a general cry for help. Better too much than not enough, eh? At least he/she can sift or ignore.

    I wish I'd been inundated with suggestions as to how and get the treo 600 MMS problems sorted.

    How about a moan:

    I've been downsizing some MP3's to bluetooth transfer to my wife's Motorola V525 to use as ringtones. It's cool and so easy to use - MMS, photoID, Voicecalling, GPRS email, bluetooth etc. Yes, a Motorola that is easy to use ! Makes the Treo 600 ilook like Stoneage ! And note, the V525 was free on the same(ish) plan as I have. And it's tiny and the screen is amazing, and it's lightweight. Oh and did I mention, it has bluetooth. Means she can use it safely and legally in the car with her £49.99 cigar lighter adapter, and without even taking it out of her bag. But I wanted a keyboard and I certainly got bored resetting to get GPRS to work, and noticing an MMS had come in hours after it arrived due to an error message locking the phone. And then the MMS was unobtainable. And then Orange have no useful advice to give to solve the problem. But they keep taking the money!!! By the way, it my wife's 5th Motorola V model. She loves them. And they work! This is my 3rd Treo model. And they don't work (very well). And yes, my rubber hole filler has fallen out of the hole behind the aerial. And yes that aerial looks very 1970's (embarrasment). But somehow I love it. Maybe its the closest we have to that wonderful gadget we dream about. Maybe the Palm op system is the closet any PDA can come towards the Mac OS.

    But back to the general point, Mac's are brilliant and there is lots of software that is Palm compatible. Do a Google using Palm/Treo and Mac and then read for a week or two. Bye .......
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