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    hey everyone, I managed to get Shoutcast and P-tunes rocking, but my biggest problem is "buffering" issues. I went to treobits, got to the list of "treo-friendly" stations (which i guees just means they are 24-32 bit rate). But even with these low bit-rate stations, I am getting some patchy connections where every 2 seconds or so , the feed stops and P-tunes says "bufferiing" then it comes back, then it buffers again....

    Is there anything i can do to fix this (is it on my end?), or is this just the nature of listening to streaming indie radio stations on my freakin' phone!!! (If I traveled back in time 2 years, and told myself that, I don't think i would have believed me).

    I got one station to come through pretty steady, but can anyone answer my questions?

    Thanks in advance.

    (HAHA in the song that's playing, there's a phone ringing in the background- that confused me for a few seconds, I just got my T600 today).
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    I use it on a regular basis during long trips. I have selected a few stations, which don't give me much trouble with the buffering issue. One thing I have noticed is that after about one hour of continuous streaming it starts buffering more often. It could be just a coincidence. But now I disconnect from the network about every hour and reconnect. That gives me about another hour with minimal buffering issues.

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    Thanks cash70. As long as I know that it's not something on my end.

    Man, I meant to post a reply to an existing thread, not post a new thread... I'll have to change the title of this!
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    Ok, I'm going to change topics here...

    Does anyone know HOW to change the title of post, is it possible, or do Ijust have to start a new post and let this one rot?
    We'll overcome you using our technology.

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