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    My second replacement Treo 300 (the first had a defective headset plug) came with no instructions on how to set it up out of the box, so I plugged it into the power cable and started experimenting.

    No matter what combination of power switch/reset button I try, I have yet to see the Palm screen--or any text at all, for that matter. I'm was getting a screen full of vertical stripes and nothing else, and now after more experimentation, I'm getting just a dark blue screen with a few violet splotches.

    Did I get yet ANOTHER defective replacement? What are the proper steps for a first-time boot, and what should I expect to see on the screen?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Don't know if it matters, but let the battery fully charge.

    Next, do the HARD RESET with a full battery, and make it erase everything.

    If it still don't boot then I'd say you have a bad unit.
    mk3cn4 uses a Treo 600 with ReqWireless Web Browser (others are useless IMO), Snappermail, Xiino, PalmVNC... and is a big infone fan. Cheaper and magnatudes better than Sprint's 411 ripoff,
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    After letting it charge for almost 24 hours, it still wasn't acting right, so I took it to the Sprint store. Since this was my second defective replacement unit, they took pity on me and gave me a brand new Treo in the box.

    Problem solved--and I got a spanking new 300 to boot.

    Not a bad deal.

    Always, always opt into the replacement program. It's definitely worth it.

    Thanks for your reply, mk3cn4.

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