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    I intend to use the T-Mobile question is what do they have for email? My company will "redirect" my mail via a rule on the Exchange server but I need to give them an email address to send the mail to. Does T-Mobile have something similar to SprintPCS with a webmail service? Do they have anything like Sprint's Business Connection service?

    If T-Mobile does provide an email address do I just POP to get the mail periodically? Does it use SMS to alert you of new mail? Is there a way to get push mail (maybe

    And then finally - email client on the Treo600....Eudora, SnapperMail, etc.???Any opinions?

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    You need to log in to their site, to see how to set all this up. You'll need T-zones Pro if you want to access Exchange, though if your company allows POP3 access throught their firewall, you might get by with regular t-zones.

    As to email apps, I have used Handsring Mail, Iambic Mail, Mail+, Versa Mail 2.61, and Snapper Mail on the Treo 600. Snapper Mail seems to be the best.

    T-Mobile btw, lets you set alerts for email... you can be paged for any message that comes in or only certain ones, by sendeer, subject, etc. I get pages when my most important clients email me.

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