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    Has anyone heard any info on whether or not Java will be developed for the PalmOS/Treo 600 platform? There are alot of games that I have available from my Sprint acct that I can't play now. I'd love to be able to d/l them like I did with my Samsung A600. I did see some stuff on Sun Microsystem's site about a development toolkit, but nothing else. Anyone have any info?
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    it works, but i doubt you will ever be able to download your java games onto your treo600.

    Unlike the samsung phones which run entirely on java there is no need to convert the jad/jar files. The Treo java comes with a program to convert the jad/jar files into a pdb which then can be hotsynced to the treo. And the 128x128 phone screens would not look right on the 160x160 treo. And there are a ton more games made for the palm platform than there will ever be for java phones.

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    I do have a decent library of games for the palm OS. It's just that I have alot of java games in my Sprint download manager on my sprint accounts website. I lost all of those games when I upgraded to my T600. My g/f downloaded all of my games to her phone on the sam account - it's not fair she gets to play my games
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    it's not fair she gets to play my games
    it only will get worse as you get older...


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