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    I would like to use the old calendar from my Palm Vx. How do I install it or where can I get it?
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    Is there really much difference between the old Palm calendar and the new Palm calendar (on the Treo?)

    Anyway, I'm not sure it will run under OS5, and it certainly won't understand the D-pad. But if you want to try, try this:

    Assuming you still have your Vx (if not, then you'll need to find one), install a file manager. FileZ is a good one, and it's free.

    Start FileZ, which will bring up the file list. Check the box at the lower right labelled RAM.

    Scroll down the list until you find DateBook. There may be several files that have DateBook in the name. I think you need to get all of them.

    Set your old and new PDAs so that the IR ports face each other. Make sure beam receive is turned on on the Treo. Select the Datebook files, one at a time, then tap the menu button on the Vx and tap "Beam."

    Once you've beamed all the files, you should have a new icon labelled Calendar. It might be labelled DateBook, but I don't think so. This should now start the old app. And maybe cause your Treo to reset, since the old app may not be OS5 compatible.

    Good luck,
    Bob Meyer
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