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    I just noticed that backup buddy has some feature where you can backup to a webserver from the treo itself. well does this actualy work? does one need just a webhosting site and that's it anyone with a how-to & experience with this please do tell. any other ways to back up & restore files to web?
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    I don't have an answer for you but I'm very intrigued by this! If this is the case, the thing could be set to do a scheduled backup and not have to be connected. Very nice!
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    well the answer to my above question is yes!!! i just signed up for a free web server and now I can sync my device to it via backup buddy. it was pretty easy to do. only thing is it takes forever to back up just a few files so backing up an entire palm would not be feasable. but you could just back up important files. anyway, is a great free server.

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