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    Its so hard to say goodbye

    After weeks and weeks of debate. I might just have to let my treo 600 go. I was one of the few early adopters that purchased the treo through handspring the first week the were released for sprint. I love this damm phone but I think it just made me greedy. Im so use to surfing the net, checking emails and listening to mp3s that I just find myself wanting something more powerful. But thats where I hit a dead wall.

    Waying the options

    I was thinking of jumping ship and hoping on that new samsung I700 from verizon. But as we all know nobody has data plans like sprint does and right now Im getting data for 10 bucks a month on a grandfathered contract. Then I hear the I700 is running windows mobile 2002 and there's no definite date when an update will be available . Not to mention there are plenty of faster PPC on the market.

    Get an Imate. Totally out of the question Id have to hope to tmobile which to me has to worse service out of all.

    Sony ericson t608 and a PDA. Seems to be the option im going for the most. I consider my self a power user and I think as new devices come out I dont want to be stuck with the same old thing. To me it seems easier to pair up a phone with a new pda ever so often than to be waiting for new phones to come out and upgrade.

    Im stuck in a ruck. Please lend your suggestions. If I decide to sell the treo. This msg board gets the first dibbs.
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    What is a new PDA and cell phone going to do for you that a Treo can't? What is it exactly you want it to do? I know lots of things I would like my Treo 600 to do that it doesn't, but I don't know of any other hardware that is going to do it for me. Instead I want to get into software development for it. All the big stuff is already out there though. Office programs, document readers, little utilities for the common stuff. The only thing I would really want that I don't have is a high res screen. Its not like I have an HDTV reciever on it anyway. :-p

    Let me know when you find an HDTV tuner SD card!
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    I have had the Treo 600 for a couple of months. I found I always use my ordinary phone (Nokia 8910 with a Jabra 250 BT headset( when carrying the Treo. This is because I have more battery life (separate phone and PDA). It is also easier to do multitasking having two devices; I am very often on the phone when writing, sending and downloading e-mails, accessing the Web using Blazer, and doing other wotk. The solution with the Treo and the Nokia is actually very efficient, there are two different networks and sometimes one network has covered and not the other. The Treo is unlocked so I can use both voice and data on two network when necessary by switching SIM cards. I also have a Tungsten T3, and use that PDA in conjunction with the Nokia (Bluetooth for data) when the occassion calls for it, maybe 20% of the time (you know; suited up, formal meetings and when i only need access to information and not do any significant input work). I am only hotsyncing the Treo to my laptop, which is connected to the LAN via Remote Desktop connection. I have installed all programs of the T3 (not hotsyncing the T3) and using BeamPro to exchange data between the Treo and the T3, especially KeySuite's and Note Studio's data files and documents residing in Documents-To-Go. All tree devices have their USB connection to the laptop for easy charging when travelling.

    Well, something about my usage of the Treo, T3 and Nokia.
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    This thread strikes me as very silly; if it's so freakin' hard, don't do it!

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    Originally posted by ChinnoDog
    What is a new PDA and cell phone going to do for you that a Treo can't? What is it exactly you want it to do?

    Well I look at a lot of websites online and I find browsing the web on such a small screen a pain. Especially when banking on the go. Its damm near impossible.
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    Originally posted by jaydon34
    Its so hard to say goodbye
    you're a big boy. you'll figure it out. it's just a phone. good luck.
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    Sucky and gritty as it is (160x160), it is still the only thing that you'll be able to browse the net with one hand with as you walk to your car or as you drive.

    You'll stay with'll see.

    We're like the Hotel California.
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    I too have wavered on giving mine up. I just got word I'll be moving to an office wired for wifi and be given a 4150 ipaq. Possibly bailing for a BT phone combo is not an option. Drive a car, try holding infants in your arms, sprint to meetings, using a combo, forget it! Just hold the treo in your hand, look at it, there is no better format.
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    Its just those toshiba's with the vga screens got me wondering whats life like on the other side.
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    Have you considered the overpriced Sony Ericsson P900? I used to used a P800 and am upgrade (maybe downgrading) to a Treo 600 and have heard the P900 is absolutely awesome....both the P800 and P900 use Opera for surfing the web, so pages look near perfect.
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    After using my old nokia 8290 grey scale screen web browsing I was kind of, Is this web browsing?black and white?and when I got my t6 and started using the web in color, hell this is goood!I heard theres equipment with better resolution, being the first time for me 160x 160 is the best.
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    Good bye. Good luck.
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    I have to sound off here.. As somebody who walked around with a PDA and cell phone since way back in 1994 (a Newton 110 and a Motorola Microtac flip phone), the Treo is simply the best mobile device (and cell phone) I've ever owned.

    Believe me, you won't find anything better on the other side. My most recent PDA is a Dell Axim X3 with wifi, and even with all of its power it doesn't match what I can do on the Treo (movies aside of course).

    I can't quantify it, but I'm finding myself much more productive with the single device. Blazer for whatever reason is much easier to deal with than pocket IE, and after purchasing Snappermail I've found an outstanding email client.

    And if it's online banking you're looking for, trust me - you won't find anything else out there that will format the pages properly.. Even on the PocketPC most web pages designed for a desktop screen are unusable.
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    I can pay bills and transfer balances on if necessary. Are you really away from the PC *that much*? If I really need a full screen, I just hook up the USB sync-n-charge cable from laptop to Treo and then do the full page browse with PDANet.

    I guess if you're really that detached from a PC, the 160*160 can fall short sometimes...

    Not usually for me tho. But when the next gen Treo comes out with 320x320, watch us all act like 160 was SOOOOO bad!

    That makes me 640K of RAM was enough at some point!

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