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    I know that many will recall that I have always made fun of those who carry their phones or pdas on their belt. I have referred to it as 'dorking' out your belt. Well after using my Treo 600 for several months now...I find that I need better access to the device then just slipping it out of my pocket and then out of its standard case. I would like to very easily just reach down and clip it off of my belt.

    I have read through the hundereds of different posts on cases and have found a ton of great information but not exactly what I am looking for. I figure that if I provide you with my needs and plans for use you folks will be able to provide me with much better advice than if I just asked 'what is a good case'.

    Well here goes my description of my needs:

    1. 90% of the time it will be riding on my belt (dorking it out )...but I still want it to be small enough to slide into my pocket when I go to church or meetings.

    2. I use screen protectors but would still like the screen to be covered. I am afraid that my seatbelt will be too tight and crack the screen. I also have to work in prequerious positions and could accidentally lean on it and/or lay on it.


    4. I would like the case to not squeeze the buttons too much. The standard case is always answering it when it rings before I can hear it.

    5. I would like easy access to the camera and the headphone port.

    6. Cost is not an issue however quality of manufacturing and design is.

    Thank you all for your input. I plan to order one tomorrow.

    IHG, <><
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    I bought the standard Treo 600 Form-fiting case, it's perfect.

    And when I want to slip the Treo into my pocket I just take it out of my case.

    I use a screen protector and the Form-fitting case.

    But I just yesterday bought a Krusell Treo 600 case off ebay because I love those cases since I have had a few others.

    Cases come and go for me so I have a few belt cases... always gotta change them up.

    Just my two cents
    -- Vikram
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I will check out the krussel case. you have a link to the one you use?

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    Originally posted by mykbol

    4. I would like the case to not squeeze the buttons too much. The standard case is always answering it when it rings before I can hear it.
    Dude..have you been under a rock? Phoneguard, the new Treo Butler and other programs / fixes solve this major problem.

    As to a case, go with the Nutshell. Not too much of the dork factor. Stays close to the hip and can slip into your pocket in the case.

    Good Luck!!
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    Appearantly I have been under a rock. :P

    I will try these programs immediatly.

    Thanks for the tip.

    IHG, <><

    P.S. NutShell has always worried me about craftsmanship...pretty good?
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    Well, son;

    for starters, you might want to invest in the handspring form-fitting case for 26.95 at Treocentral store; (no href link needed)

    but the coolest, newest covers and cases just came in.
    One is an "ill" flip case that holds two sd cards by Krussell and retails for 34.95 and more if you want the belt-clip. (12.95)

    Treo600 kings have both and are pleasantly surprised at the latter's ease of use and functionality.

    Both have 360o swivel belt-clips that detach at the push of a lever so you can indeed put them in your pocket if you don't want that so-called dork feel and look; plus it protects that screen and it looks non-geeky and more James-Bondish if you ask me!

    Also the Treo alone comes with the hands-free head-set so you can hear your alarms and even disconnect calls remotely from the headset/microphone nub.

    Good luck and enjoy that piece there, for it is truly amazing.
    We have super-tips to fully enhance the treo for your life that we may post at a later time and at perhaps another place.

    Stay tuned...
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    I love my Vaja "classic". It has wire mesh over the speaker so you can hear the ring. It comes with the option of a clip which fits snug on your hip (belt) but this clip can just as easy detach from the case itself and fit in your pocket. That way the phone can fit snug in your pocket without looking like a brick in your pants . There's no "hole" for the camera but the leather case top folds over easily under its own weight so you can still hold the camera with one hand and not have to push the flap out of the picture. If you're going to dork out your belt, this thing looks damn good and I always get compliments on the case. The bad news, it's a little on the expensive side but WELL worth it. You can customize your case with several choices of leather / colors.
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    Thanks for the info and suggestions guys. Looks like I am going to order the Vaja Classic, Krussel and the Treo Standard. I will get them in as they come and try them each to see which fits the bill the best. I have owned Vaja in the past and while they are uber-expensive the quality is top-rate.

    I am not ordering until tomorrow afternoon so any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.


    IHG, <><
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    Vaja says that their Treo 600 Classic case is for the GSM/GPRS version. I am a Sprint Man myself...anyone tried it with the Sprint Treo 600?

    IHG, <><
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    Originally posted by mykbol
    Vaja says that their Treo 600 Classic case is for the GSM/GPRS version. I am a Sprint Man myself...anyone tried it with the Sprint Treo 600?

    IHG, <><
    I hear it's incompatible with the Sprint logo
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    I just got my Vaja Classic case for the Sprint CDMA Treo600. It's awesome. They do such a wonderful job of custom fitting the case to the phone. All the access points to the keyboard and volume controls, line up perfectly. I thought that there was a problem because there wasn't a hole for the mic, but it works fine without one. Highly recommend them! $100 for the case and shipping.
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    well, I have ben reading all of the case information and just ordered one from Piel Frama.

    All the info on this site indictaes (to me at least!) that the PF is the most highly rated. I will see.

    I also have resisted because I think those who have a case on their belt are just too cool for me (Right!)
    The Toad
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    There isn't a hard plastic clip like the blackberry has is there ?
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    I have a Piel Frama and like it pretty well. I'm thinking one of the horizontal cases may be better for me though.

    Anyone have opinions on the Covertec or Palm horizontal models?

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    Originally posted by eugarps
    Anyone have opinions on the Covertec or Palm horizontal models? [/B]
    My Treo 600 came with the Palm horizontal case. I used it for a couple of days but felt like a total geek. It's bulky, square and didn't fit snuggly against me. Also the snap to close the case was difficult to line up and hard to press down. But I have to say the access (in-and-out) to the Treo was nice. I wanted a case that didn't wrap the Treo with additional layers of leather or put a plastic cover on top of it or have to flip something open to get to it. I wanted the horizontal clip with quick access and naked Treo 600. (BTW, I put on a Boxwave protective cover as I removed the plastic from the Treo.)

    Then I saw the Covertec (from France) and order it for about $52 incl. shipping. I love it. It's not boxed like the original Palm case, rather stitched flat. It has a magnetic clasp. The leather quality is superb and the stitching is stylish. The Treo fits snuggly (had to get "Keepoff" utility to not answer my calls since the case is pretty snug and presses the space bar) and the case is snug against my belt. I love it. It suits my taste and fits my needs.
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    you can get the convtec cases for $29.95+shipping at mobileplanet.
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    I dig the Vaja Classic.....just wish they were in stock
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    Not too many people seem to suggest this, but I purchased the regular Bellagio case (not Mod "B") and it provides the best of the following:

    Form fitting
    Access to keyboard, screen and all openings
    Still protects the phone without covering the screen
    Due to cover, your face doesn't touch the screen (even if it does, you can order a screen cover)
    Most importantly - easy access and firm clip.

    I highly recommend it (I don't take the cover off of the phone at all) and I am constantly using it. The only thing I'm not positive about is whether it fits in a cradle, as I do not have a cradle.

    Good Luck!
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    Originally posted by digidep
    you can get the convtec cases for $29.95+shipping at mobileplanet.
    I got mine from our own Treocentral for $29.95. Had my 600 for almost 4 months. Waited until last week when I decided on the covertec horizontal. Very professional looking as compared to the Handspring horizontal. Very happy now.
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    Since Vaja is sold out (although I still may be able to custom order one), I'm considering Piel Frama. Anyone know how the magnetic closure handle on the PF handles and holds up with time?
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