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    Originally posted by quadinfinity
    Not too many people seem to suggest this, but I purchased the regular Bellagio case (not Mod "B")
    That case looks nice. Question: is the keyboard uncovered totally or is it behind plastic?

    I don't want ANY plastic on my keyboard. It kills the already faint key travel feedback.

    Where are the regular plastic slip in belt clips like I can get for any other phone out there ($5 on the street here)? I have one for my Treo 300 and it's perfect (it's called Treo Belt Clip on the Handspring site).

    Is there one for the 600 yet?
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    Hi again,

    Jus t got my Covertec Horizontal case and I really like it. It's a bit tight at first but I'm sure it'll break in quickly. Anyone need a black and tan couple of month old Piel Frama case?

    Palm Treo Pro, iPhone 3G 16GB Refurb, Palm TX
    Waiting for Pre GSM!
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