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    The touchscreen on my Treo 600 has stopped responding. No matter if I touch it with the stylus or my finger , nothing works. All the buttons, keys and navigator work fine and it appears to be a touchscreen problem only.
    I already did a soft reset and a warm reset. Does any one have any suggestions without having to do a hard reset ? Thanks.
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    sounds like it may have given up the ghost, but have you tried to go to "Prefs" and then to "touchscreen" and tried a re-cal? This can all be done via 5-way I am 99% sure
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    Thanks but unfortunately I must be in that 1%. When I go to preferences, I navigate to the "Touchscreen" and when I click on the navigator button, the first part of the re-cal shows up, but everything freezes and I have to do a soft reset. Is a hard reset in my future ?
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    Mine did the same thing. It seems the Sprint Update 1.1 did something becus my phone was okay till then. I cannot touch anything on the screen. Im also having issues with no sound. The phone connects thru vision perfect and behaves normal using the 5 way nav.

    Called up sprint and they are sending me an RMA kit.

    Lets see what happens next.
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    Because I work on a Mac, I didn't install the updater, which is only for PC's. Anyway, after doing the dreaded hard reset, everything works fine again, except that now I have to reinstall all my third party apps. No idea what happened, just hoping it doesn't happen again.
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    My touchscreen died completely about 2 weeks ago. For the first couple of days it would die intermittendly, but has been completely out for 2 weeks. Tried everything I could think of (soft, hard resets, etc.). Anytime I go to re-calibrate the screen, I get got in a loop because it doesn't recognize the stylus (or any pressure for that matter) and I have to reset.

    I actually just found this site trying to research whether this was a common problem. I have been travelling, but plan to return the phone to Best Buy as soon as I return home.

    FYI - my screen failed before I did the update to 1.10. I was hoping the update might fix it, but no such luck.
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    I have the same problem with continuous loop for touchscreen calibration. It did not stop even after hard reset. Somehow after a few hours, the problem was gone. After 2 days I got the same problem, nothing I can do to fix it. But after accepting several phone calls and a few SMS messages and emails, the problem was gone. Now I hope it did not recur again. Anybody has the solution or know what causes it?
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    Ditto RugbyMan's problem. Intermittant touchscreen functioning for a couple of days, then *poof*. Gone like Kaiser Sozay. I am on hold with tech support right now. I guess its hard reset time.

    Things have not been quite right since I installed a 3rd party voice recording app, mVoice. Could be coincidence. Grrrrr.
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    Tip: You can sometimes rescue a touchscreen that cannot recalibrate on a T600 by running the corner of a sheet of paper round the rim of the screen to dislodge any bits of dust trapped under the screen edge. It worked for my wifes Treo. I kept getting stuck in the Digitize app where it only accepted the first tap and then no more. I ran a piece of paper under the lip of the screen edge and bingo - the device digitized right away. It was a little piece of trapped dirt causing the problem.
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    I've been thru this once. I tried the hard reset. Unfortunately, the recalibration of the digitizer is part of the re-start process and when I got to that point, it went into a perpetual loop.

    PalmOne replaced the unit.
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    Oh *$&^. That is amazing. Both that it works (the freeing trapped debris with a piece of paper thing) and that it happens in the first place. What a rediculous design flaw! My Treo was -totally- unusable. Ran a post-it note (folded) around the screen rim a few times. It now works (mostly I think)

    Tech Support said it was a software issue.

    PalmOne, are you listening?
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    I am so glad I was able to help you out digdoug. I will suggest it as an FAQ for this site. I notice the tip is on the palmOne support site already when I did a search.
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    Hmm, didnt see it on the PalmOne site. I guess I didn't look carefully enough. Either way, my Treo is -fixed- now, which puts me in a strange situation, because I have a refurb replacement on the way..

    Anyway, THANKS!
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    If you've had a trouble-free Treo up to this point & found that your one problem was an accumulation of dust, I highly recommend you keep & return the replacement. No telling what you'll get with a new (refurb) unit.
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    Well... this worked for my treo as well. Touchscreen (touch sceen (for those searching)) was unresponsive. I was also having some weird problems with getting wireless going, but that is probably unrelated.

    I used a folded tyvec armband to run around the screen edge. I didn't want anything ELSE ripping off and getting lodged in there, so the tyvec seemed like a good option. Had one laying on my desk from a concert entry. :-)

    Thanks for the tips guys!!!
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    Just solved my dead touchscreen with a piece of paper, too. Weird. Anyone know how to emulate this problem? (In case I want to get a new unit for my crappy one...)
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    stick a small piece of ____ in the corner of the screen?
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    My touchscreen just failed and I noticed that when jumping to a new page, the screen data would jump to the rigth a few pixels. Tried to calibrate digitizer and it would not calibrate. Next, a reset and still not working. Next tried to run scroll bar on right edge w/fingernail and it started working again. I assumed something was pinching touchscreen along right edge.

    A search found this link & comfirmed my findings.

    I have had about 10 palms since Dec 1996 including two Samsung devices and have never seen this problem before. Have sold hundreds into an Auto account & this is a first!

    What is going on? Has to be a design flaw.

    PalmOne Help!!!!!
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    I came on to the sight looking for a solution and of course was skeptical about running a piece of paper around the edge. Lo and behold it worked right away for me.
    Thanks for the unconventional advice.
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    I have the same problem, so annoying, and I tried diderent options and mostly reset it with touchscreen function. anybody got the best solution to fix it?
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