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    Wow! Thanks! There was a ton of debris in there and a folded dollar did the trick. I had lost hope for a normal functioning screen. I will pocket my Treo the next time I do carpentry or yard work instead of keeping it on my belt, exposed.
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    Long time since I've posted, but wanted to say thanks for this thread, b/c my touchscreen suffered the same fate (occassionally locking up and then ceasing to function altogether), and the sheet of paper did the trick. Brought me back to Treocentral where I knew I'd find the answer. Thanks guys.
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    My touchscreen died on me today, 2 days after I did the fix for the loud buzzing sound. I didn't know what to do... So what does someone who doesn't know what to do, do? Well, I shook it hard, then I banged it on my palm a couple of times... It works now If it does happen again though, I'll do the cleanup trick instead hehe!
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    Hahaha THANK YOU for this post.

    My 600's screen got stuck in the 'calibration' loop as well, and I ran to the forum hoping to find an inexpensive solution. I've had my Treo 600 since the first week, and I wanted my 600 to stay working and hold out on the 700w as a replacement. I thought I might have to give in and get a 650 or something until I found this post.

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