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    I've upgraded my Sprint 600 recently, and noticed something odd....

    I use a Proclip, an audio cable from the headphone jack straight into my car stereo, and a car charger cable.

    Normally I listen to mp3's/audiobooks on the stereo.

    I placed a call yesterday. The treo did not give me an option to use the speakerphone on the phone this time.

    Normally when taking a call like this in the car, my wife has noticed a serious echo as her voice rolls in through the car speakers and is picked up by the Treo's mic. Now, that echo appears to be gone.

    So is the Treo now thinking that it is in a Cell cradle and enabling some sort of nice feature?

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    Very interesting...

    The whole reason for the delay of the Car Kit was apparently a software issue for the CDMA phones to enable echo cancellation.

    According to THB (the manufacturer of the Car Kit) the GSM and CDMA models are identicle. An update was going to make the kit "available" in April. Could it be that this update addressed that issue?

    There were a few individuals out there that tried the Car Kit and found a severe echo problem. I would love to see someone try it again after the update.

    (By the way, Handspring still lists the kit as being not usable for CDMA).

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