So I understand that MMPlayer just released an update and then a patch to supprt the T600. Since the T600 is newly supported, Im willing to overlook minor bugs and focus on major functionality. So for this discussion, let's focus on ideal support, meaning if a MMPlayer feature is supposed to work but some people are having probelms with it, we'll overlook it for the sake of compariosn assuming a patch will be released to fix glitches...

That being said- I would like to use a single program for all my Multi Media needs. Are MMPlayer's audio capabilities functional and smooth enough to be able to replace PTunes?

If MMPlayer has some horrable UI, or reduced MP3 feature set as compared to PTunes, I will just use MMPlayer for video and PTunes for MP3s. But a single program solution would be ideal. Is MMPlayer THAT program?

(What about other MM players, Kinomia I think it's called?)