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    I have heard some blurbs about Shoutcast for streaming radio on the T600. Does anyone use Shoutcast? does it even work? How well?
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    I use it all the time and it works extremely well via Ptunes. Having streaming audio via my "T" was a very unexpected pleasure. I use shoutcast (and my MP3 collection) all the time in my car via my FM transmitter (irock) and it sounds very good.
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    I am very pleased to hear this! I plan on having a 512MB SD card FULL of MP3s, which translates roughly to about 10 CDs. But ofcourse 10CDs is not enough to satisfy me and it's nice to know I can stream a Metal sttion or an Indie station when I am sick of my "CDs" for the day.

    (Although once I setup my MP3 FTP server, I will be able to download more MP3s to my T600 when I'm sick of the one's I have saved on my card. I guess I can listen to Shoutcast while the new ones are DLing.

    The ability to access FTP servers via the T600 also blew my socks off. For once in my life I can honestly say that technology has outshined my expectations!)

    kaffeen- THANKS!
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    Shoutcast works very nice, yes. So far I can only access 24kbps stations - 64 is a bit too high (buffers) and of course 128 is too high. it seems although sprint's network is capable of 15k/s... that is too much to be going for a long rate...24 isn't too bad, especially for talk radio and classical music. there are some shoutcast stream links at - nice site, whoever made it.
    as for mp3s - i've seen 192/160kbit/ do not sound any different on the treo 600, and if your not too complainy about the sound....128 might be better for you - in which case -
    i highly recommend if you are going to be using PocketTunes Deluxe to take advantage of the .OGG option - ogg is like mp3, but compressed more and can have constant, average or variable bitrate. it takes a few minutes to convert .wav or mp3 to .ogg (.wav->>.ogg is optional, or direct from cd copy->ogg) but the results are staggering! one album i had was 96 megs as mp3s at 192kbit - with .ogg at variable 128kbit it was 35 megs - and i truly cant tell the difference *on the treo* between 128 and 192 because of the speaker output (i'm guessing)
    good luck
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    how does one set up an ftp server for a treo? you're saying you can have your whole music library uploaded to the server & download at will to your treo? that's crazy!
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    To answer your question about ftp,
    you have to have your mp3s or oggs or wavs stored in a location such as your computer or server that is always connected to the internet. It must run a program such as SERV-U or BULLETPROOF FTP that can be found by doing a search on yahoo or google (i prefer serv-u). Then, using VFSFTP+ on the treo 600 , you connect via the ftp client on treo 600 an ddownload to yoru card/internal memory. Remember, Sprint is max 15k/s and i believe GSM is 5-6k? So with sprint, you can download about 2.5-3x as fast as dialup. You wouldn't want to download yoru ENTIRE connection, that could take a while and you might not have enough space. But, if you need a few mp3s before leaving work, you can grab them in 5-10 minutes.
    There's also the case that if you are sophisticated enough to set up a SHOUTCAST server on your computer at home or office, it would just rotate through your mp3 list and you could connect directly to it, although not much better than 24kbit (speed, which is about 3k/s)
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    Exactly sledgie. I haven't set it up yet, but by next week I should have SERV-U and VFSFTP+ running. Basically I plan to fill my 512MB card (about 10CDs) and listen to them to my heart's content... then when I get bored, erase some of them and FTP into my MP3 server and download a few more CDs. I have 165GB of MP3s from 1000 bands. That translated to about 40,000 CDs at thius point (I think). So I will have my choice.

    With Tmo unlimited I shouldn't have any problems. I also beleive that I will be able to download new MP3s while still listening to Ptunes, so I will leave myself 1 or 2 CDs on my SD card to listen to while I'm downloading new stuff.

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