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OK, so here's what I've found out. Some of this has come from direct info, and some of it has come from reading between the lines, but here's what it seems happened with this latest delay:

Sprint is actually using Virgin Mobiles SMS platform for their SMS. A couple months ago sprint had us basically add a bunch of capacity to the routes connecting our Switches to the VMU SMS platform. Then, we got a MOP (procedure) and schedule for turning up SMS in the middle of January. This original schedule would have had all of nation ready before Feb 1. Ours was scheduled for last Thursday, but a day or two after the first switches were supposed to be turned up, we got an unspecific email stating that our SMS turnup was postponed indefinitely. Two days later we got a call to rescheduling our turnup. We specifically asked what the delay was about last night while turning up SMS on our switch, but the techs we were working with were tight lipped, however sometimes what people don't say can reveal a lot. It seems like the MOP we, and everyone else, were sent wasn't complete and had some problems in it dependent upon what kind of switch you had. It was mostly translations stuff, which is most likely why people were reporting such varying things last week. The issues have been worked out and everything seems to be working properly now, so without any further issues it should be ready for launch by mid Feb.