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    Rookie needs help on how to download music for treo. I have ptunes and an itunes account. After I download a song from itunes...then what? Does the music file have to be formatted somehow before it will install to the sd card from palm desktop? Any help is appreciated!!
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    iTunes uses a proprietary format for saving and encrypting files so that you can only play them on your computer or on an iPod; they're not really MP3 files.

    All that you can do that I know of at this point is to burn the songs to CD, then use another program to rip the songs off the CD and convert them to MP3s.

    A complete waste of time and a blank CD, but until the music industry decides to make life easier, or someone cracks the iTunes encryption (and there are people working on it, believe me), this is the only way that I know of to get your iTunes music onto your Treo 600.
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    Is there another way to load music onto an sd card so that the treo can play it? Another web service, or some other way?
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    Okay, for anyone else whose struggling with this:

    1. You can download an mp3 tune at emusic (poor selection and I'm hoping someone else will suggest a better site)
    2. drag the downloaded tune onto your desktop and RENAME IT, since palm desktop does not like long file names.
    3. open palm desktop, click on install, then add, then drag the downloaded tune into the file area.
    4. The tune will install onto your sd card when you hotsynch.
    Simple, except for finding a site that has decent mp3 songs that will copy.

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