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    OK, I successfully installed the update (V1.10) this weekend, but SMS wasn't up. It came up Tuesday, and SMS is functional, but whenever I send an SMS my phone resets. Some times it does it immediately after I send the msg, and some times it is when I try to go to another application (either the launcher or the phone app). Occassionally it will go to a WSOD and I'l have to soft reset. When I checked the version of the SMS program, it says V1.0, should it be 1.10? Suggestions? Anyone else having this problem?

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    I had a similar issue. My Phone kept on resetting while it using the SMS for the Sprint BC. I did a hard reset and have been restoring programs slowly as to find the culprit... so far I am up and running again without any issues.

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    We've got two 600's and I sent two SMS messages from one unit to the other. They were sent one minute apart and arrived to the other unit in reverse order 15 minutes apart, then the sending unit crashed. The other unit still can't send messages.
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    Mine also still says version 1.0. How do I know the upgrade actually worked???
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    To determine upgrade dial ##786 in phone app and the first screen to appear will show revision 1.1. This is on the CDMA phone. Not sure if GSM uses same phone codes. The SMS app UI wasn't changed, so it will still so 1.0.

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