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    There are many cases on the market. I just ordered a Piel Frama since my Vaja i-Voltion case has been 40+ days in the making. My only concern is the flip part when you're on the phone. How do you guys deal with the flip part?
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    Three options I have used:

    1. Just let it dangle over the back of the hand. This works fine for me, allows easy hand swiching.
    2. Use magnet closure to secure flap over back. I have small hands, so I can simply slip my hand through under the flap to hold the phone.
    3. Headset and close case again.

    Being lazy I ususally opt for #1, works fine.

    OverallI I really love my Piel Frama case!


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    I absolutely love my piel frama as well!
    ordered last week monday, they shipped from spain on friday and received this past monday. Love the quality and look.
    Its like buying a fine leather wallet/pair of shoes. It will
    be on my treo until someone make a hard plastic holster...

    hope this helps
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