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    The new version of MMPlayer has been released - the big fix is that Treo 600 users can change OSD settings (such as manually adjusting A/V synch, brightness, contrast..etc.)
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    I upgraded... but dont see where you can do this.

    What kind of settings are you using Bujin? I cant get the audio and video to sync. (sorry I posted this in another thread too... didnt know where to catch you! )

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    Me neither, I use my SD Card Reader to copy files over to the card, synching it tells me that the file extension is not recognized.

    That's my workaround

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    I had problems with audio in my videos popping and crackling after the upgrade to 0.2.8. I posted it to the forum last night and a working patch was posted for it today. Great support!

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    hey techdude... what are OSD settings and where do I find them?
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    On Screen Display Settings.

    If you go to:

    menu -> options -> settings -> Video Settings

    and check the "Use Buttons" box then whenever you press the phone, calendar, memo and screen lock buttons during video playback they will have a function attached to them.

    I believe it's the screenlock button that brings up the OSD Settings.

    For more information on this refer to the mmplayer manual under chapter 7.

    NOTE: For A/V Sync problems I've usually only had good results from reencoding the video to a lower bitrate/resolution using VirtualDub.

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    TechDude gave a very complete reply - if it's not enough, reply in this thread and I'll try to help!
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    thanks Techdude. That helped. I am still wondering about the syncing though. Still no luck. Sometimes it will start out ok and then go astray... sometimes it is just off the whole time. I LOVE this program and it would be the perfect compliment to the Treo if I could just work out this problem. Could you guys elaborate on the exact settings that you use to convert.
    Does it make a difference what format the video is in to begin with? What bit rates do you use? Frames? etc... Thanks guys!
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    If audio and Video go out of synch, you can manually adjust the synch by pressing the screenlock button (which brings up the OSD display) until the "A/V synch" display comes up, and then adjust the synchronization by pressing up or down with the 5-way. It's very cool.

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