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    Since installing Business Connect Personal Edition on my P.C. last week I have been having some issues. Every other day or so upon returning home I'll notice my P.C. has shut down. I also notice this because I am unable to connect to my Inbox via the Palm B.C. application.

    I can only assume therefore that B.C. is causing my P.C. to crash. This is of course I major problem as it causes B.C. to stop working until I am able to restart the P.C. and open Outlook.

    Anyone else ever experience anything like this?
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    lgreenberg - What OS are you using and how much memory do you have? I've never seen a case here that would cause the PC to crash. What you might do though is take a look at the Task Manager and see how much memory connection.exe is taking up and if it keeps growing each day or half day. It may be that it is consuming a lot of memory and Windows eventually will choke when it get to low memory conditions.
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    MobileGhost, thanks for the thoughts. I now don't think it's Business Connect causing this issue. I've updated the computer's Bios and played around with some of the power control settings. I'm also going to start shutting it down at night. We'll see if that fixes it.

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