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    After needing to do a hard reset, my T600 flashes the Palm logo and will not move past it. Hitting the on/off button asks me if I want to erase all data. Selecting yes, wipes it clean and brings up a new system. However, when I then go to restore all files and apps, it does so succesfully, only to give me the flashing Palm logo again.

    Any ideas?

    I know I can reinstall everything one by one, but would rather not.

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    I think you're stuck reinstalling, though you can do more than one at a time (i.e. maybe do half and then half of the remainder, etc., like a binary search to see which is the offending application). Since this must be a fairly new problem, you might try your newest apps first.

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    rename your backup directory (it's in \program files\handspring\yourhotsyncname\backup) or move all the files in it to a new directory before you do your hotsync. You'll get back all your data in the main apps, but it won't restore all your programs, preferences, etc.

    Alternately, see if you can identify the files associated with your most recent program additions, and move those out of the backup directory, and hope that solves the problem.
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    I have had this problem persistently for the last 5 days. HS Support advised that it is due to OS 5 choking on an incompatible application. I thought I had finally narrowed the problem down to an old game that I have had since Visor days, got everything else installed and was back up and running. Now I am not sure though. Had to hard reset for another reason, and when I resynced with what I knew to be a safe set of applications, the flashing screen recurred. I have found that if I add back applications in chunks rather than all at once, I don't have a problem. That led me to think that perhaps the OS gets confused if you ask it to install too many things at the same time, although I do not believe that I have a particularly unusual or extensive apps profile on my phone. Once you get a working set of apps installed, further hot syncs and soft resets go smoothly, but beware the next time you try to install a new app that requires a reset after installation. Overall, this is somewhat annoying, but given the existence of a workaround with stepwise reinstallation, not a showstopper.

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