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    I swear I have scoured TreoCentral and cannot find this answer...

    I want to have a couple of different backups at the ready. I have it set to backup every night. But, I'd like to also do another one once a week. When I depend on backups, Murphy aims his nasty arrow right at me so I always try to have duplicates so when I screw up the first one, I have a backup for the backup.

    Question... How do I get BackupBuddy to do two different backups?

    (Treo600 with BB on a card...)
    susan dennis
    seattle, WA
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    Get a cheap second SD card. That way when Murphy actually causes you to LOSE your Treo, your ready. (Presuming, that is, you kept your second SD card in a secure location....)
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    duh! I have two other SD cards... I just added the software and backuped to both. Sometimes I'm just blind to the obvious!

    Ok, Murph, bring it on, baby!@!!

    susan dennis
    seattle, WA
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    You could also use Botzam Backup to allow multiple backups on a single card.

    Great program and I have been BETA testing the next release which will work with the 5 Way Navigator and includes lots of syncing options, including backup after every Hot Sync.
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    I like Right Back Up. It keeps as many as 10 of the last backups. I really grew to like this feature on my Clie. I find that I'm bummed that I paid for BackUpBuddyVFS.
    So know I just use both.

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