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    I've searched to no avail for a thread I saw about establishing a T600 Internet connection via the sync cable.

    Can anyone help me out - either by reposting the "how to" or a link to the original post? I'd appreciate it.

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    what's accessing the internet? are you trying to get the treo 600 onlone or your computer?

    if your wanting to get your computer online look arounf for a program called PDAnet.
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    Apologies for being unclear.

    I want to use the hot sync cable to share my broadband PC connection to download mail, etc, as you would with a wi-fi connection.

    I know it's possible as people have commented in the past that it is - i just can't find their comments!

    Thanks for your advice anyway.
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    You can access internet via hot synch with your treo (and any palm device) by using Softick PPP.

    Works perfectly.
    (but not easy to configure...)


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