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    I have a treo 600 and I also own a skytel two way pager and I wanted to have my pager forwarded to my treo but at the same time I want my treo to alert me when I receive a message. Would I need to download some 3rd party application or no? I have at&t service with my treo. I read that if it goes through sms that it limits the character to 160, but what about having go through the e-mail instead? Would that eat away characters as they come in? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I have no idea how to get your skytel pages to the Treo. But as far as notification goes, check out TreoAlertMgr.
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    Some of your questions are answered in this thread - remember, search is your friend when you have a question.

    As far as the length restrictions go - SMS is limited to 160 characters, whether you transmit via SMPP or SMTP (SMS or email to an SMS account). SMS does stand for Short Message Service, after all... Anything after the 160'th character (including the email address of the person sending you the message, if it's not native SMS) is dropped into nevernever land.

    I tried forwarding my Skytel PIN to an email address at Earthlink for a while; the problem with this was that the mail app that ships with the Treo will check mail at most every fifteen minutes - and the messages I'd be paged with are more time-sensitive than that. It's possible SnapperMail or other third-party email apps can check more often than 15 minutes - I never looked into it.

    The other issue I'd found with forwarding Skytel to an email address other than AT&T is a more generic problem - SMTP, the mail protocol, is neither guaranteed delivery nor time-sensitive. The protocol can be slow at times, and there is no way to speed it up. It's also not predictable; messages get passed from one server to another, and the routing is done as a message is sent - two messages sent at the same time may go through completely different servers and networks to get to a destination, and the delivery time is dependent on the speed of those servers and networks. For some reason, I never experienced speed issues going from Skytel to AT&T; maybe I'm just lucky.

    On the bright side, if the Blackberry software is ported to the Treo, you'll then have guaranteed mail delivery from Skytel...

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