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    I have a 270 that I no longer use as a phone. I use it as a pda only.

    Is there a way to disable the unit from defaulting to the phone menu when you open the cover. I realize I can use the buttons at the bottom and then open it, but it would be nice if I could set the default to the "icon menu" when you open the cover.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Button T?

    Handspring Buttons-T Preference Panel For Treo communicators Handspring Buttons-T Preference Panel is a preference panel for Treo communicators. This preference panel provides the ability to change the applications associated with buttons and actions unique to the Treo communicator. Treo communicators have default settings for the application launched in response to the Option+Application buttons as well as the jog key and lid opening actions. Handspring Buttons-T Preference Panel occupies 6K of RAM. The preference panel was designed for use on the Treo communicator, and has no use or effect upon any other Handspring or Palm OS handheld device. This utility will not affect data stored on your Visor handheld. INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS Treo communicators running Palm OS v. 3.5.2H4 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS This distribution of Buttons-T includes five versions, one for each of the following languages: English (enUS), French (frFR), Italian (itIT), German (deDE), and Spanish (esES). In the following instructions, only one language version should be installed. Choose the language of your choice and substitute the language code shown in parenthesis for the portion of the filename. 1. Double-click the ButtonsT_.prc file on your desktop to launch the Palm Install Tool. Select the user name of the handheld on which you would like to install the utility. 2. Perform a HotSync operation. This will install the utility to your handheld. 3. After the HotSync is complete, to verify that the preference panel is installed, go to the Preferences application, and then tap the panel dropdown in the upper-right corner of the screen. You should see 'Buttons-T' in the list. USAGE INSTRUCTIONS 1. In the Preferences application, select the 'Buttons-T' list item in the panel dropdown in the upper-right corner of the screen. 2. For each action or option+button combination, choose the application to launch. Your selection is immediately active, there is no need to "save" your settings. (Note: On Treo communicators which have a keyboard there are two configurable actions and four configurable buttons, whereas on Treo communicators with Graffiti input only the two configurable actions are present) 3. Choose '' to have that action/button do nothing. Actions/buttons configured as '' will still power on the Treo, but will remain in the application that was running when it was last powered off. 4. To revert to the factory-shipped configuration, tap the 'Default' button.
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    worked like a charm!

    Thanks much. I searched and read for hours trying to find the answer.

    Should have come here first!

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