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    Just bought it last night (3 feb 04). The registered copy sent my treo into a reboot loop that wouldn't end until I was fast enough to delete it (before it rebooted again). The new registered "beta" that the author sent me is quite nice. The interface, and the new features are finally coming into focus.

    All that's left is "by contact" configurable ring tones (for me anyway).

    The volume works nicely, and is independent from Pocket Tunes.
    The mp3's do not appear to be restricted to 1 meg anymore.
    My treo doesn't spontaenously reboot like before.
    Datebook alarms are now present.
    The "load wav file into ram" is also present, and is easy to do.


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    Can you please share the new beta? I don't think Toysoft has updated their website with the new version.
    I've never owned a "regular" phone, and never will.

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    Umm.. I don't know about posting it.. Just email him.. He's been pretty cool about all of this so far (I work as an engineer, so I know how it is having users bug me about features)..

    From the latest email..





    1. now supports wave files in ram. you can use it for alarms
    and ringtones. It only supports uncompressed PCM and ADPCM (compressed) formats.
    if you have large uncompressed then convert it to adpcm to reduce the size.

    2. added custom sound for datebook/datebk appoints. repeat and notime not

    3. fixed alot of minor bugs.

    4. alarm sound is taken from the alarm prefs. always and doesn't relay on
    PTunes or lightwav settings

    5. ringtone volume is now taken from the phone->sound Pref

    6. added Windows conversion tool to convert wave file to palmOS db. you
    will need to install par.exe in the C:\ folder and wavConverter.exe somewhere on your PC

    7. lightwav will always be used to play wav files. Ptunes is only for

    8. when you get alarm and lightwav sounds it will immediately stop when you
    close the alarm window or tap on any control

    9. added new custom path so that you can select the folder where you want
    lwav to search for sounds.

    10. lightwave is default to search the /audio folder. if you need to change this then
    goto the Prefs. also, the default is not to re-enable lightwav after a soft reset. you can
    also change this in the prefs.
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    You don't just ask user for the copyrighted software. if you are a paid user then you should have received the update by now.

    a demo will be released tomorrow on our website
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    I thought the beta demo was being released today?

    We have to wait another day!
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    Have now reinstalled Lightwav and gone into endless loop......
    Uninstalled and hard reset. Waiting for possible solution. Its' a program I have purchased and will use when it is more stable. At the moment it is causing too many crashes and resets. It is the only new program I have added and Treo was stable upto that point.

    Installed programs
    Bobs Alarm
    Palm Bio
    T600 Butler
    DB viewer
    net Clock
    Power one plus
    Agendus Pro
    Radio Control

    Thanks for all your efforts. TC

    Hello Danny
    Thanks for the update, but new problem. When SMS recieved, sound fires off but when you select GoTo the sytem hangs on a white screen and warm reset has to be performed. Have disabled and await comments. Have tried numerous files and numerous times ....... no success
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    I am the first to admit my disappointment in the slight delay...but...good things come to those who wait.
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    Man, you guys don't quit. Give the guy just a little time, the beta I just got today works pretty good, a little more tuning and we'll have a solid product that does what (pretty much) everyone wants!

    gotta defend the coder ;-)

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    Already! the new demo is now posted on our site

    buy it before the officially release and save
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    Originally posted by smiley88
    Already! the new demo is now posted on our site

    buy it before the officially release and save
    I don't see anything different. Is it the v 1.0 ?
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    its still 1.0 but build #2004.028.
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    Originally posted by smiley88
    its still 1.0 but build #2004.028.
    Thanks, going to give it a whirl now.
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    Hi Smiley88,

    If we purchase lightwave now, which registed version will we receive? The new registed beta version?

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    we give free updates to all registered users for one year and more. If you decide that we've added "major" features then you might have to purchase upgrade which is small.
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    First question.

    I thought I read that in this version the volume was going to be controled by the phone, not by Pocket Tunes.

    However, if I set the phone's volume to anything but "off" I still hear the phone's set ringtone (midi) on top of the mp3 file I have selected in Light Wav.

    If I turn the phone's ringer volume to off I only hear the mp3 file but as soon as I try to raise the volume level using the side buttons the regular ringer comes back.

    Am I missing something?
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    Yeah. did you forget to read the manual?
    to turn off the midi ringtone goto the Phone->Sound Pref and tap on Tones. You then set the unknown and known caller to "Silent".

    everything is in the manual if you have time to read it
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    Originally posted by smiley88
    Yeah. did you forget to read the manual?
    to turn off the midi ringtone goto the Phone->Sound Pref and tap on Tones. You then set the unknown and known caller to "Silent".

    everything is in the manual if you have time to read it

    I deserved that totally.


    P.S. It works perfectly.
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    I was under the impression that you would be able to assign a .wav or MP3 file to an individual. :-(
    Go Gators!
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    I never said it was in the current release. all I said was we are working on it. It's not a over night job
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    Well I am very impressed with all of the features you have managed to add Smilley88. I think we are almost to the finish line. However, I need to inform you of a bug I have found (at least on my phone).

    When using a wave ringtone from RAM I am getting a soft reset when I answer the phone. This happens if the "Always display console" option is NOT checked. If this option IS checked then I have to stop the ringer and close the console before answering. I guess the need to do that stops the phone from resetting. I would prefer not to use the "Always display console" option because there isn't an easy way to close the console and answer the phone.

    I don't know if the problem is only happening with MY wav file or if this is repeatable by others. Maybe others can test this to see. I am going to do some further testing with other wave files. I'll post my results. I hope others will also.
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