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    Since our city has just received the 'SMS' upgrade, I am wondering if it is necessary to keep or use the Treo600SMS app anymore. I have enjoyed using the software when the MO-SMS functionality was not ready but now since it is, why bother with it?

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    Yes. Even though I can send a Text Message/SMS to a 10digit number with the native app, I can't send to a (ie my wife). I can send to an email address with no issue, just not the

    However, I can with the PDAapps Treo600SMS application.

    Is yours the same way in your city?
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    Until you find out for sure what Sprint's SMS is going to cost, I'd hang on to it.
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    Burkhardi, I think your experience is due to the fact that you do not have the Full SMS active yet. While Sprint was winding up the SMS here in Minneapolis, I too had to use the 10 digit @ Now that the SMS is really working, I have sent 3 sms messages to my girlfriend with her Sanyo 5300 and all went through just fine without the Treo600SMS.

    As for Meyerweb's comment you are right we are not sure what this is going to cost yet. I heard from others on this forum that my unlim vision plan should include SMS but we will see.

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    Yeah. and over on the SprintUsers forums there are people who work for Sprint, and people who have been told by Sprint CS what the costs will be, and people who sell Sprint phones outside of a Sprint store, who all have different answers to the cost question

    My guess is that prices will vary with market, just like the prices of some other services do. But no one will know for sure until it becomes official.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    Hello People...

    In order for SPCS SMS to work on my phone, I had to delete Treo600SMS. I couldnt understand why my friend was able to recieve SMS and I couldnt, and we live within seconds of each other. The minute I deleted Treo600SMS, all was well.
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    well I still have treo600SMS active on my device, and I still send and receive SMS all the time, locally in Dallas. And I'm pretty sure that Sprint has MO-SMS going here, since others have reported it to be working, and a friend of mine here who has a 600 (but no treo600SMS) has been SMSing me. So - who knows?
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    I read somewhere that MO-SMS for existing Treo600 users would not be unlimited and will in fact be capped at 100 or something...who knows. Thus keeping Treo600SMS might be a good backup. Also, if there is a "free sms upgrade" for Treo600 users, it will surely only apply to existing users and not new ones. Thus there still may be a market for Treo600SMS for future Treo600 users who won't get free sms...
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    I agree...gonna keep it as a back-up. I might have to use it indefinitely. Most of the country is getting lit up with MO-SMS. Milwaukee Wis is lit and it's only an hour drive from me in Chicago which does not have SMS yet!!!!


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