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    I searched but was unable to find an answer to this:

    At the end of last week I did the Sprint update, seemingly without issue. My 600 was fully charged at the time, and I did the update from my charging/hotsync cradle.

    I went away for the weekend and was using the car charger and a charging/sync cable occasionally, hoping to ensure that I kept my battery charge up. I noticed at the time that it didn't seem to be making much charging progress but I attributed it to the charging method.

    I finally returned home yesterday and dropped it in the cradle overnight. I found this morning that the charge indicator hasn't moved at all. I have been using the treo for a couple of hours, and it has not dropped. Essentially, it is stuck at 33%, moving neither up nor down.

    The only other changes I have made, on the same day of the update, were the installation of keepoff and the trial version of PdaNet.

    I have, I guess, 3 questions:

    1) Has anyone else experienced this problem (related to the update?)
    2) Is it possible to tell if it is just the indicator that is frozen, that the battery is functioning properly (since is doesn't move either way)
    3) Is there a piece of software out there, compatible with the 600, that can tell me more about the battery charge, that gathers the data independent of the treo's own meter?

    I would appreciate any help you all can offer.
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    Thanks to a quick pm from a member, I am fixed. I got so wrapped up in the timing with the update that I was looking for bigger trouble. All it took was a soft reset.
    My brain seems to have been disengaged.

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