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    Does anyone know of a different SMS program for Sprint Treo 600? I downloaded a couple to try, but they seem only targeted at GSM. I know Sprint SMS is a new concept, but I thought I would throw this out. (Maybe a developer of one of those would support Sprint) FunSMS looks great but doesn't work, unfortunately

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    There are two answers to your question..

    For a workaround until your area is fullly supported with the Sprint MO-SMS functionality, I would endorse TREO600SMS from pdapps. There are some detractors to this software for these two reasons:

    1) you set up a proxy to Pdapps to send web mail through the Sprint PCS Vision interface.

    2) Concerns about the need for this software since Sprint has been upgrading cities across the US which would make the installed 'SMS' application on your Treo 600 work fully. Read this is as you paid $20.00 for something which you can use a free app to exectute?

    Secondly, as I mentioned, the true MO-SMS functionality (like other carriers have) has been lighting up all over the country as of this week. Minneapolis went live today! So if you wait, it is likely your phone's built in app will perform the SMS task natively.

    Hope this helps..
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    I have the true Sprint SMS and currently using the free SMS app that came on my Treo 600. I am in Ann Arbor which is now live with two-way SMS. What I am looking for is a third party app. I want something more powerful than the basic SMS app. I know there are better apps out there (the previously mentioned FunSMS) but I am unaware of any that support Sprint SMS by default.
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    Well that is a great request then. Who will develop a new app to replace the native one on the Treo?
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    I am almost SURE that PDAAPPS will somehow upgrade their Treo600sms app, because the original is working and they are not there to lose money.... so they will probably make theirs more powerfull to outdo the original (I think & hope, I paid the money might as well)
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    What more can you do to a simple text message to make it more powerful?

    Well..the Treo 600 interface has time stamping and you can send messges to email addresses also. I have been able copy/paste a message over to the email client and attach a picture or file to it and send it back. Don't forget that if there is a phone number or URL address in the text message, the Treo (atleast) will highlight it and all you need to do is to click on it to have the phone dial or open up Blazer and go to that web address...automatically!!!

    Sounds powerfull enough for me!!!!


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