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    ...and the Vaja classic case has no platic over the screen. Good belt clip too. I got one and I love it.
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    I bought the original Treo 600 form fit case. I cut out the top half of the plastic that was covering the screen with an X-Acto knife and put a Brando screen protector on it. Also, I had to make the hole for the earpiece bigger so i can easily fit my stereo adapter. Works the best for me!! My co-worker dished out $50 for his EBCases Slipper Treo 600 w/clip case and it SUCKS!

    Even if you mess up the cutting, thats only $13-15 bucks you lose.
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    my favorite is the sprint treo 600 case use it without the flip when i leave it in my pocket or flip on my belt . very slimline case.

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