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    I went onto the Handspring web site, into the support downloads section. There is an download entry there for the Treo 600 Palm Desktop / Hotsync Manager. Specifically for the GSM version.

    It asked for the serial number for my Treo 600. I entered it correctly, and got an error message reading "The serial number you entered does not match your currently selected handheld or you may have entered it incorrectly. Please check and re-enter your serial number, or close this window, select support for the product that matches your serial number and try again."

    I made sure it was right, and then called Handspring. Not too long a wait, and then the CSR told me that since T-Mobile wasn't selling the Treo 600 yet (huh?) the serial number wasn't in the Handspring database. The fact that there was no update (this was the same s/w as on the installation CD) means I'm not missing anything. T-Mobile had no idea what I was talking about.

    Anyone else try to enter the serial number of a T-Mobile supplied T600 on the Handspring web site?

    Thanks! Great forum here!
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    Could anyone verify if this is also the case with a Orange serial number?


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