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    I wanna first say this is a great little app, goo job veezer.

    I just have 1 grip the keys off doesn't work! I have it checked but the keys still light up during the day.

    "Live long and prosper"
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    This is quite possibly the most useful treo app i've ever used! It does exactly what I want it to. Thanks so much! Your donation is on the way!
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    I'm a little confused by one feature.

    I'm only using "Keys off," with a setting from 8 am to 5 pm. It works great at not turning out the keyboard buttons during the day.

    However, I have not selected "Keys lit" which I assume would leave the keys lit during the night. Nevertheless, my keys stay on the entire duration of the system "Auto-off" period, even though I only want them to stay on for 10 seconds at night.

    How do I set it to do that?

    Bill Petro
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    veezer, great little app.
    Donation coming your way

    btw. how do we know of updates to the app?


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    Great App.. One feature I would like is the ability to set the volume based on night and day. At night I would like it all the way down and during the day all the way up?

    Any plans for anything like this? It seems like it would fit in well with the whole night/day thing you have going now.


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    Originally posted by Leeladisky
    Mine just continuously resets... Even after a warm reset I cannot get the radio to turn on and must delete TreoAlegro before I can get out of the loop... any suggestions? I would REALLY love to use this application and I do NOT use the feature to re-enable the radio on reset.

    Please advise on any suggestions to stabilize (i.e., get rid of the reset loop).
    I have a similar problem. That is everything was fine until I had to to do a soft reset for something and then suddenly I was in an endless reset loop. The only way I could stop the resetting was to do a Hard Reset, but even then after the reset when I would restore from Backup on an SD card I would be back in a reset loop. Finally I connected the SD Card to a PC via a card reader and deleted TreoAlegro and is only when I Restored the backup minus TreoAlegro that I was able to solve my problem.
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    Wow, great app. Right now I'm using it pretty much just for the backlight on the screen and keyboard and it's perfect. But if you're going for excellent convergence of Treo dime a dozen apps, wouldn't mind seeing an option for the screen to go off after a certain amount of time on a call. I tested that out with PhoneGuard and if it had allowed you to use some buttons after the screen went off, I would have bought it. Seeing you've done everything else better than the other guys, maybe you'd like to take a stab at that Great app once again.
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    What about a fixed version ?
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    Great idea... but I have to ask: does everyone know for sure that it is working well?

    I ask this, because of the keylock feature. This seems to be a feature that everyone wants, except for me. So I have noticed that the feature is active regardless of the setting within Allegro.

    Also, the screen dims according to the levels set within the program reagardless of whether or not it is checked in the software.

    Everything else seems to work right for me... I have "nuked" my unit and loaded nothing but Allegro so I am pretty certain that it is nothing loaded on my unit... I think the software just does not work right...

    PS: when you find yourself in that endless look of resets, do the following:

    press the reset button that instant you see the Palm logo, while at the same time press the "up" arrow on the pad.

    this prevent any programs from running upon boot. then go straight to Allegro and un-check everything.

    then reset - works for me, althought the issue returns from time to time.
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    Well, I must say that it works great for me. No resets nor strange behavior....

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    Treo Knowledge base (FAQ's)
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    I also have the endless resets problem. It just started showing up today. Unchecking the "Power On" setting didn't help and it would keep resetting itself, so I removed Allegra. Problem went away.
    Joseph Fung
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    Device Specs: Sprint Treo 600 Hardware revision B with no other keyboard/screen hacks loaded.

    I have a similar problem to a previous posting with the screen dimming. (Easy work around)

    I found that if I enable the screen dimming feature and adjust the brightness for the day, then go back to the launcher the screen brightens as it should. But if I go back into the program and disable the feature the screen stays at it's current brightness.

    Even if you go back in and slide the brightness back down the screen will remain turned up until you re-enable the option and return to the launcher.

    Once the brightness is back where it should be you can disable the option again and everything appears to be normal.

    Also, this is probably just my ignorance, but what is this keyboar dlock about? It locks the keyboard while you'e on a call? I don't see the purpose of it myself, but even so I tried it out and I see no difference. I can type on my keyboard the same as normal during an incoming call regardless of what this option being enabled.

    NOTE: I don't have any problems with the LED's or soft reset loops that other users are complaining about.


    My main purpose in using this product is the keyboard light scheduling. I've been waiting for this to come along for a while now.

    But another feature I was a little dissapointed wasn't in your line up was some sort of an Treo Alert Manager type annoyance feature for missed calls etc.

    With Treo Alert Manager you can have the program bug you with noises and vibrations every so often to make sure you know that you missed a call or message.

    To me this is a much needed feature because I keep the phone in my jacket pocket most of the time I'm out and about, and next to me on the desk when I'm in the office. So I don't see the LED flashing. The only time I would notice the LED flashing would be if it were on my desk next to me, in which case I would have most likely heard it in the first place. (Not to mention that becasue of the form fitting case my treo has to be turned a certain way to see the LED at all.)

    So do you have any plans on adding this feature/functionality to your program? It's great the way it is, I just want to know if I should go ahead and buy Treo Alert Manager or hold out for your app to have the same feature.

    Thanks for a great app.
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    Love you app. You've done a great job. I was wondering if you would consider making this an open source app.

    What development tools are you using to write this app?

    Thanks for you contribution.
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    Sorry about the delay in getting around to fixing some bugs. I've been away all week, but I'll try to add some more features that people have been asking about. In the mean time, I've uploaded the new version (0.2) in the original post. It should hopefully fix that reset-loop that people were seeing! Plus some of the other bugs that people have been seeing.

    I'll have some new features in the next release coming some time next week hopefully. (Main ones are getting a missed call indicator, timed wireless on/off, adding vibrate to alerts). And there will be a web page up here (still pretty rudimentary) to provide version updates and a change log.

    Thanks to everyone for the great feedback, and especially rahul and MrByte for their generous donations!
    Last edited by veezer; 02/13/2004 at 06:59 PM.
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    Hey Veezer, Great App!

    Just started using it. I have a question/suggestion: Is there anyway to re-enable the keys after answering a call? I like to use the space key to toggle the speaker phone on/off. There may be other needs as well, but I have yet to think of them...
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    I'm still getting the reset loop. If I choose any options I get the reset loop. Also the help|about shows version .1 I tried the prc in the second message and on your web site...I deleted the older version before I installed...

    Any ideas?
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    Originally posted by richlee91
    I'm still getting the reset loop. If I choose any options I get the reset loop. Also the help|about shows version .1 I tried the prc in the second message and on your web site...I deleted the older version before I installed...

    Any ideas?
    Try the one from the webpage, that's what I got and it works fine for me. Says .2 also.
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    Veezer, I think i figured out the cause of the led not stopping. When i receive a "normal" sms it works fine. However when I receive a sms in a chat-thread, the led doesn't stop!

    Anyway to fix it?
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    Seems to have fixed everything problem I was having... thanks!
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    Originally posted by richlee91
    I'm still getting the reset loop. If I choose any options I get the reset loop. Also the help|about shows version .1 I tried the prc in the second message and on your web site...I deleted the older version before I installed...

    Any ideas?
    The about screen should show 0.2 if it's the new version. Try deleting it, then doing a soft reset before installing it again.
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