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    Today I checked TrafficStat. It had all 0's for usage. Then I used the web and checked it and it was still 0's.
    Yes, it is turned on. But it has no data. And it is no longer keeping track of anything.

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    I downloaded the trial version to see how it worked. Once installed I could no longer get a GPRS connection.

    Interestingly the trial version states that it allows you to monitor usage for 5 days, but the "from" date was set to 5 days ago

    Needless to say it has gone the way of the ceramic pan.
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    By the way, it is a registered version.
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    OK, something else, along the top there is a pull-down menu. Total, Sprint Provisioning, and something else. Now Total is the only option.
    Anyone have any ideas?
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    OK, I restored a backup from a couple days ago and it is working fine again. Don't know what caused it though.

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