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    Now that the 1GB SDs have been out for a little while (and I finally have my Tmo T600 on the way ), I'm in the market for a 512MB SD card. I saw the post from Dec. about the $99 Sears deal... but since that has long past, What's the best deal out today?

    Can you guys/gals post sites of the good deals you've found around?

    I'll start- the price to beat is $125 on eBay (There's literally about 50 of these posted with Buy It Now).

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    If you are looking at ebay, there are sometime hidden deals to be found. Most of these are auctioned by new ebayer or ebayer who is not familiar with sd card. Look for spelling mistakes or alternative names when you search.

    For example instead of searching for "secure digital", try "secur* digit*". Sometime people put "secured digital" and it will not show up if you search for "secure digital". Also search under the secure digital category and list all items. Sometime people put the item in the correct category but does not mention in the title what the item is! For a sd card, the title could be like "SimpleTech ProX Card New in Box 256Mb Free ship"; it has everything except telling that it is a SD or Secure Digital card.
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    Some guy is selling a bunch on eBay for $100+shipping. Check them out here:

    I decided I couldn't wait, so I bought one. Suh-weet, now I can put Spiderman on my card - 229mb via Kinoma. Hmm... what other movie should I put on there?

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    I would be wary of buying from eBay. What happens when your card goes bad? I bought two 512mb Sandisk cards from eBay and both have bad sectors now, but i have nowhere to go for warranty. Even Sandisk says they need proof of purchase and that you have to be the original buyer.
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    If you are not going the ebay route, has a SanDisk 512 MB SD card for $143 and free shipping. One of the best retail prices I have found...sure beats Best Buy wanting $219.

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    where are you seeing that amazon deal? can you post a link, I'm not finding it.

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    Sure....hope this works:
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    Yup, it worked. Thanks!
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    ecost has the Kingston 512mb SD for $138 before $10 rebate
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    I bought mine at Best Buy for $219 (Sansdisk). No better deal in the "real" world at the time. I did buy mine awhile ago so the prices may have dropped further since then.

    I sometimes order online to save money, however, I usually am willing to pay more for "instant gratification". I usually am too impatient to wait and I can afford it. That said, I definitely will be looking online for a deal on the 1GB.
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    Staples advertising 512 for $89.00
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    I just checked the online weekly specials at Staples and did not see the 512mb SD for $89.
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    I'm Sorry! I missed the fine print. It was in their Sunday newspaper pull-out. A picture of a Compact Flash card and a SD card right next to "$89"
    I just went back to read the fine print - CF card is $89. SD card is $129 after rebates.
    Hope no one went racing to Staples (glad I didn't too).

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