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    Maybe this has been discussed, but I can't find anything here. Anyway, whenever I have missed calls or voice mail alerts or email (snapper) alerts they appear on the screen like normal (hit yes or no or call back or something). But if I don't manually acknowledge these alerts, they stay on the screen preventing my phone from checking emails, etc. Is there anyway that these can disappear after awhile or should they already? Incidentally I have it staying on in the cradle & I've notice the above behaviour while always on. Any tips?
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    why is that? I get a new voicemail and the stupid notification just stays there forever. This was discussed before, but I dont think anyone got anywhere. Its just lame. The notification of a call waiting does the same, you have to wait until you know the call went to VM and then hit ignore in order for it to get off the screen. I have phone guard installed and after I get a call waiting I am forced to either take it or ignore and after ignoring the call, call guard no longer lets me shut off the screen. I will discuss this with the developer.
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    i hope one of these treo butler or phoneguard guys could take a stab at it. Some sort of "auto-ok" feature would be great. or "auto-snooze" where if you don't do anything, it would autosnooze and that little blue flashing box would pop on the screen. doesn't seem to farfetched.
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    The most infuriating thing to me is that when I check my messages (having gone through all those notifications) I get yet ANOTHER notification telling me I now have 0 messages in my voicemail box. This is adding insult to injury.

    Patrick Brinton

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