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    yes in the advanced output options, you'll want to set the fps to 23.976, which is the default framerate that DVDs are encoded in. You will want to keep the "deinterlace output" and "blend instead of interpolate" boxes checked.

    I'm particularly interested in seeing if the treo can handle 24fps with action movies or lots of movement/transistions. I have a couple movies to play with that fit the bill, but not a lot.
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    Now any time I have any problems with a file and virtdub, I just convert it to VCD MPG1 first and then use my recipe virtdub settings and the movie comes out beautiful every time. Many programs can be used to convert to MPG1 VCD, I use one called TMPGEnc and use a template in it called "VCD NTSC". Granted this is two steps, but it eliminates headaches for me and yields great results.
    Now it works flawlessly-- great sync, and no crashes (at 15fps)!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mk3cn4
    The best thing would be for Kinoma to allow the use of Divx/MP3 codec combination while encoding. That would totally eliminate MMPLAYER from the game, period. Maybe there's a way to do that.. if I get time I will research it..
    Kinoma now supports DIVX in 2.2. I have 2.0 so why can't I upgrade to 2.2 for free? That kinda sucks I have to pay the full price?
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    Pardon my ignorance folks, but I downloaded MMplayer and have no idea how to load and/or watch a movie on it. Can somebody please help?
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    You have to convert movie to the Palm format first.
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    MMPlayer doesn't require Palm format.
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    I've been looking for Kinoma Player, but I can't find it. Can someone drop the website?
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    It's just
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