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    There is only one place to buy them at They are a little pricey but worth every cent. You will never need to worry about your screen again.
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    Another good reason for a screen protector....It took me a week or so before I got one for my 600. During that week, the screen would pick up oil from my face when I was using the phone. The oil would often smear when I'd try to wipe it off, and it was kind of a pain to clean it.

    Got the Boxwave, and it doesn't pick up the oil for some reason. Much easier to keep the screen clean. Also, less glare on the screen with the Boxwave. I actually prefer the way the screen looks with the protector on than without it.

    Another accessory you should consider is Egrips. Egrips are a rubbery stick-on for the sides and back of the Treo. I found the Treo to be quite slippery without em. Completely different (and better) feel with them.

    With the Egrips and the screen protector, I have no need for a case, and feel quite confident carrying the phone in my front pocket.
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    I guess most people buy one type of high quality screen protector and that's it.... but does anyone have experience with both the G2 and Cleartouch? I seen convincing testimonials for both brands, but the G2 is half the price (2 for $13 instead of 1 for $12). Can anyone say which is better and why?


    PS my T600 should be here via UPS anytime now!
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    This link will lead you to a review.

    The Boxwave received an "A" rating, and the G2 a "B+".

    I bought the G2 because I preferred the idea of not having a protector that actually sticks to the screen. My G2 just arrived, and I just finished installing it. The installation is a little tricky, but only took me 1-2 minutes. It looks great (meaning you don't even notice it), and the touchscreen responsiveness seems fine. One tip if you haven't bought your Treo 600 yet--leave the factory protector on until you're ready to install your screen protector (makes for a much cleaner, dust-free screen)
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    >I use the G2. They're great.
    >Good Luck

    I bought a 2 pack of the G2's, but they didn't work for me.

    First of all, using a piece of tape to get that thin layer of plastic off didn't work at all. I had to use an exacto knife to begin the peeling process.

    Second, when I got the protector in place, tucked into the screen and what have you ... the touch screen would not work. not at all. When I pressed anything on the touch screen, nothing happened. The 5 wav still worked, but the sylus had no effect.

    I was sure I had broken my Treo and was very upset. I removed the G2 from the Treo with a piece of tape, and and everything was back to normal.

    The G2 fit onto the screen perfectly, but rendered the touchscreem useless.

    I wasn't happy that I spend 12 bucks or so, but whaddya gonna do?

    I finally whipped out my old Fellowed Treo 300 Screen protectors, and found that they were too large. No problem, I just laid one over the T600 screen and the excess simply rides up the sides and actually creates a nearly waterproof seal since it covers the crevace entrances. Stylus works just great, too - and the excess plastic does not stick out from the bezel because it sticks flat to the frame quite nicely.

    If you have some old Treo 300 screen protectors lying around, I would give them a try. Being a little too big actually seems to provide slightly better protection.
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    >Fellowed Treo 300 Screen protectors

    Make that "Fellows" screen protectors.
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    Actually it's "Fellowes" I give up typing for the day.
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    I got my G2's today. Amazing how clear, especially compared to the cheapie screen protectors I bought off ebay when I first got the Treo. The installation wasn't too bad. I was out of tape (damn kids) but was able to peel off a price tag from something and use that to remove the mask. It helped to install in a steamy bathroom to help keep the dust down.
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    Well, I'm going to be the oddball. Due to procrastination I never got a screen protector. After more than 4.5 months with the Treo 600 just in my pocket with no case or anything, it's been -- perfectly fine. I'm sure I'm playing with fire, but after all this time it makes me think that it's just a tough screen. One thing I never do is use the treo pocket for anything else that can scratch, like keys. I always carry it with the screen facing my leg too.
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    I also don't use a screen protector. Keep my treo in my left pant pocket by itself, screen facing my leg. My screen looks as perfect as the day I bought it.
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    What if your wife or kid sits on your lap? Does it survive? What if that "large" chick on the bus happens to land in your lap when the bus driver takes that corner too quickly?

    I've often been tempted to stick it in my pocket ... but then the above scenarios come to mind.
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