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    Ok I just downloaded JpegWatch Lite from Its nice to finally be able to view all the email attachments I get that contain jpegs, however I've been unable to figure out how to send them to other phones, email addresses, etc. When I go to the MMS app to send pics, the only option they give me to retrieve the pics are from the list of pictures that I took with the built-in camera. When I try and send an email with the jpegs attached, the only 2 options they give me to retrieve the pics are from the camera and a folder called "sounds".

    Is it because I'm using the trial version of JpegWatch? Should I be using another app completely? Am I an *****? You all's help and insight is greatly appreciated.

    How do I send jpgs.??????
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    Which model Treo are you using; the GSM or Spring? Also, what e-mail client are you using?
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    I have an AT&T GSM Treo600. I just started using SnapperMail
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    With SnapperMail, sending a jpg is as easy as clicking on the little paperclip icon (attachment) when you're sending a message. You will then be taken to a new window where you go to the folder on your SD card where your jpg's reside, and put a checkmark in the box next to the picture you want to e-mail. You can send pictures saved to the handheld or from your SD card.
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    So did a brotha get the help he needed?
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    Haha Geeky. Good one. The title of my original post was an offshoot of an earlier post today. Some guy needed help with his calendar. But to answer your question, yes I did get the help a brotha needed.
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    you should use a native ARM jpg decoded. It is alot faster. try myAlbum, splash photo or acid image.

    you can get myAblum at

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